Monday, July 27, 2009

What i know...

WHAT I KNOW.... (about losing weight on Raw Vegan Food...)

  • i know how to lose a little weight (exercise alot, don't eat salt, eat alot of bananas, use agave/dates, eat moderate low fat, such as tahini, nutbutter, coconut, cacao, etc... a few times a day, eat alot of sweet fruit and greens)

  • i know how to lose ALOT of weight (eat ALOT LESS FAT/or NO fat, not more than, say, 1/4 avocado per day, eat no salt, use no agave/dates, eat 1 or no bananas daily, unlimited sweet fruit and veggies, and exercise)

  • i know how to gain a little bit of weight (eat moderate to high fat, use low to moderate salt, eat a few dehydrated foods, unlimited bananas, dates, exercise)

  • i know how to gain a lot of weight (eat alot of salt, pickles, olives, nama shoyu, eat alot of fat, unlimited olive oil, avocado, nutspreads, nuts, use alot of dates/agave, eat a lot of dehydrated foods, such as raw breads, crackers, and don't exercise.)

What prompted me to write this was that I weighed in (unofficially) this morning at 253.5. I walked alot yesterday AND uphill AND ate NO, i expected to lose more. I wasn't THRILLED this morning, so i have a game plan for today.

I'm going to TRY a no fat day with no bananas. I think this will kick a good loss in for tomorrow morning.

I'm in my 'recovery days' at home...and well, i'd kind of like to see better recovery and better movement of the scale down for all of this effort!

I think the past two salt-free days with moderate fat and exercise have been fabulous. They have taught me how to lose a little. But in being more moderate with fat, the losses have not been too great. A little discouraging since i walked my butt off yesterday and even went supermarket SHOPPING by FOOT, which was so fun and empowering!!!!

Now today, i want to see if i can lose alot. Why? Well, it would be nice for so much effort and nice to be closer to 250 by tomorrow or by Tuesday's official weigh in. So, I'll nix the bananas, the agave, the fat, no coconut, no tahini, no nut butter.

I just want to see what happens.

Ah, yes, i should say that the 'what i know' section up top is written by a woman 2.5 years into raw. When i began raw, i ate 'fattening' and salty gourmet meals frequently, as many as 5x/week as supplemental to my very low fat salt free raw diet, and still lost huge amounts of weight.

I think as we continue in our journey, our body can tolerate less and less fat. When i first started raw, i was coming from a diet of, not kidding, of 7,000-10,000 calories a day. Eating a huge plate of guacamole as a new raw foodist was a HUGE fat DECREASE from what i had been ingesting as a fast food binger eating 5 double burgers, 5 fries, fried chicken, sundaes, 3 cokes, all in one sitting. In the car. So, i still lost like crazy eating guacamole. If i would do that today, i would either stay the same or gain alittle.

FOOD/ACTIVITY Monday, July 28
BR: 1/4 medium watermelon, some cantaloupe

SN: lots of cantaloupe, at least one whole one, it was cut up

LUNCH: peach/blueberry green smoothie. NO bananas, no agave. romaine, peach, blueberries. Not bad. Got really thick like pudding as it sat. Not bad at all! Very satisfying actually.

SN: Leftover smoothie

DN: zucchini spaghetti with tomato/red pepper sauce (yellow squash spiralized with blenderized sauce of 3 fresh tomatoes, 1 whole red pepper, 1 small clove of garlic)

SN: grapes and cherries, just a few. not hungry. SHOCKED!!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So far, not STARVING today as i expected. Wow. I think Arnold, my boss, is right. The more fat you eat, the more you crave.

The past 2 days eating moderate amounts of fat at home, i really didn't feel that good. Interesting to know!

Actually today, i'm not sure how i feel, okay, i guess. I was tired earlier and took a nap. I've not walked yet today, not sure if i will. We've been so busy all day, running around, lots of errands, now we're visiting my parents.

I have a raw catering job tomorrow, where i will assist an Arnolds Way customer in making raw bread in lots of different flavors.

xoxo much love, michelle joy

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