Friday, July 17, 2009

Mouth Party!

Weight yesterday: 250

Unofficial Weigh In this morning: 254 1/2 (after gourmet raw work day)

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Hi folks,

So i weighed myself this morning after having a gourmet work day, and it wasn't that bad...

But, well, it's NOT gonna be good tomorrow!!!

Today was my last work day this week. It didn't go well food-wise...

But i had a blast working with my fun and adorable crack up coworker Megan, "Megabites"! We had such fun together. She is so cute and i had fun helping her make fake potato salad for the potluck tomorrow. Yum!

Food wise, bad things started early. I started snacking on the raw bread pretty early, even though i told myself i wouldn't. I felt so physically bad after that, i felt like dying. i took some Betaine HCL and felt better a few hours later after not eating anything.

I had started the day really really well with a big green smoothie...and a big big walk this morning, did the dishes, 4 loads of laundry. I had a full day by 11am as i awoke at 4am.

The day ended with me chowing down on raw toona with my finger out of a little container, digging raw mushrooms into cashew cream, tasting over and over again Megan's fabu fake potato salad and downing more Betain HCL to help me digest the mouth party i engaged in.

Curiously enough, i wasn't really upset with myself. I had a good time. It was all yummy. It reminded me of my old days at Arnolds just enjoying everything and never suffering many consequences from it. Sweet! I enjoyed everything i ate today even though i went more than a little nuts.

(The toona also has olives in it. Not the good kind of salt.)

I'm actually not devastated or even depressed about it. I'm too tired for that, and in too good a mood from my fun girl chat day with Megabites.

But, if i weigh less than 258 tomorrow, it'll be a miracle!!!! I drank ALOT ...and don't remember peeing much!

SO unbelievably tired. beyond tired. beyond. beyond. i've been up since about 4am. if i can think of it tomorrow, i'll try to recall what i ate today. i stopped writing down when things began to slide out of control.

Bad habits die hard.

love to you all,

xoxo michelle joy

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