Friday, July 10, 2009


Beginning Raw Vegan Weight: 425

Beginning Blog Weight: 277

Weight Week Five: 250 lbs

Weight This Morning (Week Six): 257.5


  • Eliminate Binge at work by 'legalizing' gourmet raw food and allowing myself heavy meals there
  • Officially weighing in 1x/week, but check in for myself
  • All heavy meals (salty, fatty or extra sweet, raw vegan) are to be eaten seated, enjoyed and savored. No guilt, no shame, no hiding, no secret eating, no snacking, no bingeing.
  • In eating seated respectful 'meals' I will ultimately eat 'less' gourmet, because i won't be binge eating gourmet when i eat gourmet.
  • Maintain the same weight for the next several weeks
  • Maintain a schedule of walking
  • Return to my 80-10-10 based diet of mostly fruit, greens, low fat, low salt to equalize when able
  • Focus on weight loss again when I have had no binges for 6 weeks or so
  • As the binge eating at work regulates, aim to make lighter and lighter overall choices there
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Good morning, dear ladies,

Thanks so much for your helpful comments and supportive emails. I have to laugh at Debbie's comment, "Can you just get a NEW JOB?" That really tickled me.

I know, it's like being an alcoholic, working in a bar. Ridiculous.

Today is my weigh in day, and it is very unfortunate that it falls in the midst of a 4 day work week containing several gourmet meals daily. Gourmet meals contain salt and dehydrated foods, which raise the weight. However, I'm curiously NOT THAT DISSAPPOINTED with my weight this morning!! I STILL weigh in the 250's. I swear, i EXPECTED to weigh 265.

I didn't! Yay.

I gained 1 lb more than yesterday AND I have not gone to the bathroom yet this morning.


I KNOW from experience that just eating ONE DAY of gourmet meals can raise the weight over 5 lbs. To be INDULGING THREE DAYS in a row so far and to not be gaining TONS is pretty me. I EXPECTED much worse.

I think it would be wiser, however, to weigh in after some days of light eating. I may change my weigh in day to TUESDAY, before my work week begins.

My dear friend, Mike Peiffer, took some nice pics of me for a headshot needed for my upcoming audition at the Sight and Sound Theaters.

It was an extraordinarily HOT and SUNNY day when we took the photos, so the light was not good for most of the shots, but it was just one session.

He decided to do some shots to the waist, which we'll probably have to resize into more of a headshot. Or we could just send these.

Or we could just do another session. (I would suggest next time to do shots at dusk instead of in the heat of the day), but time is running out. The headshots are due by July 20th.

I do like the ivy backdrop. This is the backyard of my boss, Arnold. Thank you, Arnold!

What do you think?

I had a bad bra on and my boobs flattened out in my halter gown, but maybe we can cut that out. When we shot in the halter gown, there was significant cloud cover for a moment. We got lucky.

I kind of like the two expressions.

So, today is a work day again. I'll report later how it goes. I plan a walk this morning. I also have to go grocery shopping for some things we need at Arnolds Way. Monday i'm hosting a party at Arnolds Way. One of our customers, Chloe, is throwing a party for her family. I'll be making the raw food buffet, and i'll be singing a few songs.

Wish me luck!

You know what? LIFE GOES ON.

Much love,
xoxo michelle joy

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