Monday, July 6, 2009

Trip To Somerton Center!

Hello dear folks,

Here are Cliff and I visiting his mom at her retirement home on Sunday. And there she is in her new summer hat with her new teddy bears! She is having a fun time at Somerton Center playing bingo and doing arts and crafts. She even has a boyfriend!

Cliff's calypso green mustang is his baby...but not before me! Actually he calls me his "Bunny!"

Today was a busy day! I had a home cooking job quite early, which went well! Preparing raw food in people's homes and instructing them in the how-to is so rewarding, especially when the instruction is appreciated and the food enjoyed. These folks this morning were incredibly enthusiastic, oohing and ahhing, which was so nice. They are going to have a hard time not digging into the raw cheesecakes we made before they are set up! I'm so impressed with their newfound dedication to and excitement for raw. They are feeling better and want to keep on this road. Way to go!

I had a to taste a little, and as they are new raw foodists didn't quite buy all the right products. They bought roasted salted cashews and chopped garlic in a jar. Sometimes i don't taste at all, but i felt i needed to today, since they were new. A little panic set in about the salt and getting bloated and not losing weight, but i have to keep just calming and talking to myself.

I lost 1/4 lb this morning, which depressed me that i didn't lose more after that long walk i took. Weighing in only feels good when the losses are good! I need to be not so emotional about it. I weigh 253. 3 lbs away from my weight last week. As i'm learning how not to binge, and am focusing on being more moderate, more human, less rigid, i'm seeing that as FINE AND OKAY, even GREAT. 253 is fabulous. And if my weight can stay in the low 250's as i journey through this 'legalization' process, i will be thrilled. At least my overall long term progress will be so much more improved, because i'll no longer be binge eating...!

After a nap, my photographer friend, Mike Peiffer, snapped some headshots of me for my upcoming musical audition. I hope we got a good shot! We took the photos outside and it was so hot today, i was sweating and the sun was so strong. But, he is so talented and has such a good eye that i just know there is a good shot in the bunch. I will display them soon!

Physically i did not feel well today. Allergies? Pollen? Detox? I felt like i wanted to jump out of my skin. I took a nap but felt worse afterwards. Now that i am resting, though, i'm feeling much much better.

Br: Banana Blueberry Shake (blueberries, bananas, water)

Sn: 2 large rounds of watermelon, yum.

Ln: starving! very large chopped salad. Felt full halfway through and could have stopped (if i would have listened to myself, i would have), but i finished it. it was soooo good. (S blade of cuisinart chopped salad of: broccoli, 1/2 avo, tomato, celery, lots of mushrooms, carrot) yummo!!

Sn: 2 large banana whips at Arnolds Way, 2 coconut waters

Dn: 1 small tub of grape tomatoes, 1 cacao shake (cacao, bananas, water)

xoxo michelle joy

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Rebecca Troutman said...

Perhaps in all those long walks you are gaining strength and muscle, which weighs more than fat--keep that in mind before you let yourself be so disappointed with your weigh-ins.