Sunday, July 19, 2009

Talia's Potluck!!!

Good Sunday Morning!

Unofficial weight this morning: 255 (down .5 lbs after a day containing 1 salty gourmet meal). That's nice to wake up and lose weight when i didn't even TRY!!!

Today is Talia's Potluck! Yay!!!!
I LOVE Talia!!!! Here she is below with Arnold talking about raw food for humans and pets. Isn't she GORGEOUS????? She's an old fashioned natural beauty who looks like a model in a Renoir painting :-))) or "The Girl with the Pearl"!!!

Talia is a psychologist, a rawfood chef, potluck leader, animal advocat, daughter of a physician (her mom, who is also raw) - Talia is REAL, RAW and a bundle of LOVE!

I'm excited about her potluck!!! I didn't realize she was on an 80-10-10 journey of her own!


The awesome duo, Tim and Leslie Arnold, marathon runners, 50+, who have lost 170 lbs between the two of them, have offered to drive me to the potluck, so we figured, if we're going together, we might as well make some raw food together! Leslie's been dying to learn how to make my famous raw 'toona', so we'll be making that together this morning and taking it to the potluck.

I'm telling you, at least 5 people come in daily into Arnolds Way to ask if i've made 'toona'. This stuff is so good, so decadent. The dish was originally a mistake..., but it turned out to be a brilliant mistake :-)) Best eaten in moderation!

Lisa Montgomery, author of upcoming book, "Raw Inspiration: Living Dynamically with Raw Food" is including my recipe in her book (due out soon!). Lisa told me she has tried ALL of the raw 'toona' recipes out there, and mine is the very best :-)) Well, aw shucks! Thank you! It is also the most fattening!!!!, i'm sure, that's why it's so good!!!

Recovery Days...Gourmet Bliss...Plans for the day, the week....
I usually have 3 days over the weekend, and if i'm lucky, sometimes a 4th day as "recovery days," days in which i can return to 80-10-10 and lose the salty gourmet bloat from my days of 'raw gourmet fun.' No such luck this week.

Yesterday, a planned light day, i chose to eat a salty gourmet meal, which was incredibly enjoyable and i even woke up to lose .5lbs this morning...yeah!

Today i have the potluck.....potlucks are renowned for heavy meals....

Tomorrow i am off, so, it's possible to go light then.

Then Tuesday i work again and i'm back to the gourmet grind.

Mind you, on any of these days, it is absolutely MY CHOICE what i eat, if i chose to eat lightly (80-10-10) or if i choose to eat heavier. I KNOW that. I'm completely aware of that.

My goal was to return to 250-ish every week after my foray's into gourmet yumm. Tuesday i am supposed to get weighed for my official weigh in. I feel confident if i 80-10-10'd until Tuesday, i'd be 250 for sure.

The choice is: Will i 80-10-10 today?...Or will i 'moderate' today at the Potluck?

Do i focus on the WEIGHT goal? Or forget it, and ENJOY MYSELF at the Potluck and let the weight take care of itself. If i don't return to 250 this week, there's always next week.

Choices. Choices.

I have my period and i actually feel pretty shitty, a little crampy, not too bad, but a little.

I actually think the noni juice is helping with this. Noni juice is renowned for helping women overcome PMS and period cramps.

It actually MIGHT be so nice just to go light today.

I have had some awesome really enjoyable gourmet meals over the last few days. I think back on them and all i feel/think is "Mmmmmm!" and i feel warm and fuzzy. If i bypassed the gourmet today, i think i could feel fine, knowing i enjoyed myself plenty this week.

What's nice is it's all under my control and i get to choose what is best for me.

You know what's COOL too? Gourmet has changed over the last few days from something i dread (because i KNOW i'll binge) or OBSESS about (because i'm chasing JOY which i never can really get) to something absolutely JOYFILLED (because i know if i'm hungry how much i enjoy it!).

Gourmet is BLISS as long as I am present, hungry and enjoy!

Binge eating on gourmet really IS NOT as pleasaurable as a raw gourmet meal eaten with hunger and intention. I'm always SEARCHING FRANTICALLY for the pleasure....AND IT KEEPS ESCAPING ME. The true pleasure is to know WHEN TO STOP. After a certain point, the joy is gone, the tone is frantic, panicy.

I remember once hearing that nothing ever tastes as good after the first bite. I must say, it IS true, that food eaten when hungry tastes the very very BEST!!!! Gluttonously groping and shoveling to EXTEND THAT PLEASURE...never really do. They backfire and make you feel worse than good.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Worked on my monologue a bit with Cliff this morning.

Uy, nervous about the monologue...needs a lot of work!

I think i'll sing 'Climb ev'ry mountain' for my 32 bars.

~ ~ ~ ~

Lots to do today! Exercise, go shopping, head over to Tim and Leslies, and then to the potluck.

You know, if i see some nice fruit at the market, i think i'll get some and bring it to the potluck so i have a choice today, should i be led to keep it light.

Actually, i could even MAKE a light, fat free, salt free raw dish...and bring THAT too!

More later!

xoxo michelle joy

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