Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Hey, Everyone!!!

Say hello to Brad Gruno of "BRADS RAW CHIPS!"


Brad is a local entrepreneur who began "BRADS RAW CHIPS" to promote healthy eating and snacking. It is a wonderful product! Crispy, delish, full of healthy hand picked (minutes prior) farm fresh veggies, organic flax and buckwheat, BRADS RAW CHIPS are LOW FAT and GLUTEN FREE. The packaging is way cool. You just feel GOOD eating them! Buy some BRADS RAW CHIPS today online http://www.bradsrawchips.com/!

So, this is where i was all yesterday morning!

Brad and I had such fun making 9 different flavored chips, and many of them will be featured in a chip tasting party next Friday, Aug 7th in Doylestown, PA. (If you're in the area, let me know if you'll be coming! I'm actually going on vacation to Ohio to visit some friends of ours this Thursday, but hope to back in time to attend the chip tasting!!!) Brad needed a little inspiration developing some new flavors for his fabulous product, so asked if i would help out. I love being creative making raw food, and being creative at something that is going to help people snack healthfully on raw food...was an easy decision to make. YES!

Isn't Brad handsome? All of the girls get flustered when Brad visits Arnolds Way! We call him 'gorgeous Brad!'

In the pictures above, Brad and I just finished blending carrots with soaked flax and buckwheat, and in the last picture, we are picking fresh basil from the garden (literally ten steps behind the BRADS RAW CHIPS kitchen!!!) to add to the new Pesto chip. Brad makes his chips on a local farm in Ottsville, PA, in which he has access to all of the fresh veggies there that he desires. Everything picked fresh for his chips is teeming with farm fresh nutrients and enzymes! This is the REAL DEAL! Pretty amazing operation!

Michelle B. and Rob were on staff there as well, making everything run smoothly. There are 10+ dehydrators set up in BRADS RAW CHIPS KITCHEN and Brad and his staff are pumping out chips at an incredible speed. There's me, Brad and Michelle B. making chips!

Brads chips are becoming so popular, they can hardly keep up! These fabu chips are available at Arnolds Way, and at an increasingly growing number of local farmer's markets! There's Brad at one of the Farmer's markets with his sister, Pam! Of course, you can also get Brad's Raw Chips online! http://www.bradsrawchips.com/!

Listen to this: Brad has also gotten his chips into a PRIVATE HIGH SCHOOL!!!! That's right, no more "Lays" potato chips for these school kids. Soon these students will be experiencing the healthful deliciousness of flax and veggies, but because of the tasty crunch, they won't even know they're doing something so good for themselves!!!

Brad wants to get his chips EVERYWHERE...and i know he will! They are so crispy and yummy! Not only a raw vegan treat, they are just plain GOOD!

Look for more upcoming news on BRADS RAW CHIPS FACEBOOK page. If you go onto Facebook, just do search under BRADS RAW CHIPS and become a 'FAN'!!!

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BR: grapes

SN: about 5 dried chips, and small tastes of 'chip' batter to check flavor balance (contained himalayan salt and small amounts of extra virgin olive oil) with Brad of "Brads Raw chips!"

SN: 32 oz fresh squeezed O.J. at cafe, out shopping

: in car, hungry! on the way home: more grapes, 1 oz of almonds, raw.

LN: home: 2 corn on cob

EXERCISE: 35 mins walk

SN: 1/2 small watermelon

DN: cherries, cherries, cherries!!!!

xoxo michelle joy

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