Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Official Weigh In Week Nine

Official Weigh In Week 9

Beginning Raw Vegan Weight: 425

Beginning Blog Weight: 277

Weight Three Weeks Ago (Week Six): 257.5
Weight Two Weeks Ago (Week Seven): 249.5 wow!
Weight Last Week (Week Eight): 253 3/4
Weight This Morning (Week Nine): 251

GOAL EXPLANATION: To maintain 250-ish for 6 weeks as I continue to work on 'legalizing' gourmet raw food in an effort to stop binge eating it, in response to my mainly 80-10-10 raw vegan diet. It's been actually weeks since i've had a binge, so this is working!

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Good Morning, Ladies,

The no banana no fat thing worked like a charm yesterday. Good to know!

What's bizarre was i wasn't hungry really after dinner. So strange. I didn't walk, though, yesterday, so maybe that's why....

You'd think not eating any fat i'd have been starving. I actually felt STARVING the last few days before. But that could have been the walking.

Although Arnold does continually alert me that eating fat makes you crave fat. In 80-10-10 you are 'permitted' 10% of your daily calories from fat. I've been consuming much more in an effort to stop binge eating on fat, and yes, it has worked.

I think, however, after the next two weeks of continuing on in this course of legalizing gourmet at work and eating a little heavier fat at home, i'm going to goal more towards losing.

After these last few weeks, I think it's going to be hard. Although a day like i had yesterday of no salt/fat actually was NOT as hard as i thought it would be. (i don't want to start losing hair again, though).

I think it will mean eating much lighter at work. And with no longer binge eating in my life, i have to allow myself enough treats not to feel deprived, but not so much as to gain the 5-8 lbs weekly i have been, eating gourmet.

By 80-10-10ing, i have managed to take off those pounds, but losing overall, i think, will be a real CHALLENGE with keeping some gourmet in my life!!!! Stay tuned!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Anyhoo, I'm up bright and early this morning as i have an in-home raw cooking job. I'll be assisting a customer in making several raw breads.

Along to some basic ingredients of raw living bread (flax, buckwheat, carrots, olive oil, celtic salt), we are going to add the following to create unique flavors and see how they turn out!:

"Cheddar Cheeze Flavor"red peppers, nutritional yeast, carrot, cashew, garlic and scallion

"Pesto Flavor" lemon, basil, pine nuts, garlic, olive oil, nutritional yeast

"Indian Flavor" curry powder, garam masala, cauliflower, lime, garlic, scallion, fresh ginger, parsley

"Tomato and Herb Flavor" tomato, basil, parsley, mint, oregano, rosemary, thyme, scallion, garlic

"Vinegar, Salt & Cracked Black Pepper Flaovr"yellow squash, garlic, scallion, raw apple cider vinegar, pepper and salt on top

"Asian Wasabi Flavor"fresh ginger, cabbage, wasabi, black sesame seeds on top

"Chocolate Flavor" shaved zucchini or yellow squash, cacao, cashew, vanilla, agave, maybe a little cinnamon (no carrots)

"Sweet potato pie Flavor"sweet potatoes, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, cashew

" CHILI Flavor" - Green Pepper, Jalapeno, scallion, garlic, red pepper, CHILI POWDER, tomato

I have a big day ahead of me!

I'll let you know how they turn out!

More later!

xoxo michelle joy

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Gayle Fox said...

Oh, checking in with your blog is my 'pure raw joy' LOL...I get so energized when I read others ideas and especially the raw daily menu ideas. It gives me a chance to "check in" with how I am doing, especially those times when I feel like I am all over the place with this way of eating.
Success to you!