Friday, July 31, 2009

Maggies Mercantile Raw Food and Vegetarian Deli!

Hiya Folks,

I'm having such a good time in OHIO!!!

I have just a few i'll tell you about Maggies.

Cliff told me he had spotted a sign on the highway for a raw food restaurant on his recent trip out to Ohio just weeks before this one. I couldn't imagine there would be a raw food restaurant advertised on the Turnpike.

And INDEED, when we passed the highway sign during our 10+hour ride to Dayton...i could NOT believe my was absolutely a sign for a RAW FOOD restaurant...not a sushi raw bar or God knows what.

Well, WE HAD TO GO CHECK IT OUT, so we took a little detour and went on an adventure. Visions of flax crackers and raw nut spread were dancing before my minds eye...and my mouth was already watering.

When we got to Maggies.....we were so dissappointed to find Maggies had CLOSED.

Maggies was in the middle of NOWHERES LAND in Western PA. We're not even sure WHERE we were, but suspect it was Stahlsburg, PA. Surrounding Maggie's were only a few homes, trailers, in fact. It didn't appear to be the kind of neighborhood that would attract raw foodists!

Oh, well!!!! We found out on the internet that Maggie's has had a few incarnations. There was one in Pittsburgh, PA, one in Oakland (CA???) before the one in Stahlsburg. Maybe a Maggie's will pop up soon somewhere else!!! I can't wait! Here's a link to a write up on Maggies.

Wish i could have tasted it! I think it only closed...WEEKS AGO!!! The turnpike matron told us there was a write up in the local paper that it had JUST CLOSED. We just missed it....

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Tomorrow i'll post pictures of Cliff, Ken and Debbie and me playing DISK GOLF. It is an incredible sport that i found immensely challenging but an awesome work out. I had to take a half hour nap to recover my energies!!

Another preview for those of you who might struggle with staying raw on the road, i'll be updating some info on just how one does it in the next few days. It's crucial when desiring to stay raw to...make it happen. One must take TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY. I'll talk more about this upcoming.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tonight Ken made a fabulous meal of fresh Alaskan Wild Salmon. (I didn't eat it of course)

I supplemented the meal with some awesome zucchini spaghetti, the most delicious raw tomato sauce and raw marinated mushrooms.

Everyone LOVED my raw additions. Ken had TWO HELPINGS of my spaghetti and commented it was so ' delicious.' He actually said, 'if you come up with 2 or 3 more dishes as good as that, i'm going to have to ask you to stay another week!' This is all from a guy who says he 'hates fruit'. Well, he couldn't believe it when i told him zucchini is a fruit! (As are avocados, cucumbers, red peppers.)

Speaking of fruit, Ken and Debbie have never had so much fruit in their house as they do now. Everytime they turn around there is something new I just picked up...donut peaches, a watermelon, bananas. Have you ever had donut peaches? They are AMAZING!! I'll post a picture upcoming.

I'm admittedly eating a little heavier raw these last few days. I ate a lot of raw almonds on the road trip up and a few handfuls today already, plus olive oil in my sauce and celtic salt. I'm not all that concerned with losing weight while i'm on vacation, and really felt, honestly, a little deprived the past few days. So making the spaghetti and mushrooms was such a treat. I'll post the recipe soon.

Much love to you all. Never give up. Go with the flow. Make it happen. You can do it!

xoxoxo michelle joy

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