Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's a BRIGHT VIEW from here!

Beginning Raw Vegan Weight: 425

Beginning Blog Weight: 277

FRIDAY, June 26, 2009 WEIGH IN (new weeekly weighs on Fridays): 250 lbs

Total Blog Loss: 27 lbs in 4 weeks! (i was mistaken that it was 5 weeks, this is the fifth week)

NEW GOAL: 249 - only 1 lb away!!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well, i'm excited to report that i had a good vocal performance tonight. At least i didn't feel all the time like i was struggling or that my voice was doing things i didn't want it to do. I had a good warm up, but more importantly, i realized i've been singing with too much "breath pressure", or "pushing" instead of singing on the breath. it's something i'm going to have to continue to work on, but it was exciting tonight to feel MORE IN CONTROL of my singing. Yay!

Food went well today. I didn't even eat any salt. i didn't feel like i needed it. That was exciting.

I didn't feel well earlier and still felt a bit woozy, but was ok by later in the day for my performance. There is Alex Ramirez and me above! Alex is my accompanist. We did a program called "From Opera To Broadway" which consists of Puccini arias, Gershwin songs and piano solos, Rodgers and Hammerstein songs and piano solos, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Lerner and Lowe songs. It was a big success. Oh, did i forget to tell you our performance took place in a RETIREMENT HOME???!!!! "Bright View Senior Living" is a classy place. What, did you think i sang at the MET???? They LOVED us and said we were one of the best acts they've ever had and they can't wait to have us back. It's good practice singing for old folks and it really brightens their day. And music can be very emotional, very healing for old folks. They need stimulation and touch and rhythm. It was beautiful. I enjoyed it so much. Not only was the voice flowing, the energy was flowing. i felt good.

I'll write my food tomorrow!

I plan on doing a walk in the morning, since i haven't done one for 2 days on account of not feeling so well.

Wish me luck.

Love ya'll,
xoxo Michelle Joy

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