Thursday, June 24, 2010


Okay, mom's temp went down last night to 99 and this morning is 99.3. I have a big smile on my face and light in my heart!

Mom is still getting another CATSCAN this morning to see where the fever might have been coming from, and to check the status of the bile "pockets" in her gut. Are the drainage tubes accessing the pockets and is all of the bile fluid free flowing and coming OUT? Otherwise, if it's not, that could cause worse infection, and fever.

The body produces fever when there's something bad in it that it wants to infection. The immune system turns up the heat in your an kill whatever's ailing it.

I can't tell you how THRILLED i am that her fever went down. That means the fever either did it's job...or that whatever was causing it has moved out...

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Brad of Brads Raw Chips got in contact with me yesterday about assisting him with some new information and offerings on his website. He is going to be offering LIFESTYLE COACHING and asked for my assistance formulating his plan. Since i'm not working at Arnold's Way until my mom gets out of the hospital, i thought it was a good opportunity to do a little work, but from home. I did quite a lot of writing for him this morning, and heck, it reminded me of how great raw food is!

I kind of feel recharged and regenerated by this, and grateful to have been asked!! I DO love to write, you know!!! haha.

Now, I feel like i want to do like a little cleanse today. I feel empowered by this. And RELIEVED about my mother's turn around.

Wish me luck! Keep praying for her...and me!

Your prayers are working...for both of us!!!

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FOOD/ACTIVITY - Thursday, June 24, 2010

Br: RAW blueberry, banana, strawberry, raw tahini, agave shake.
Sn: RAW Gaspacho: tomato, onion, garlic, cucumber, celery, ginger, water, orange juice.
Ln: RAW Strawberry, banana, tahini, agave smoothie


xoxox michelle

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mikelle said...

hooray! what a difference a day makes!! your mama is a strong one. i have to wonder...did the green smoothies build up her immune system to THIS point where she can now fight off these infections, etc.? intuition tells me that the green goodness helped a lot. the love that you and your dad have for her must keep her going - that is the real medicine, the medicine that keeps the fight in her heart. smoothies and love sounds like a winning combo to me. there's our healthcare reform :)

how fantastic that you are being contacted by brad's raw chips for writing! you defintiely seem to have a GIFT for it and i am happy for him (and his future clients) that you are able to help him out. vey cool!

food intake sounds yummy. your energy comes through in this post and i feel personally enlivened by reading it. thanks for sharing it all, m joy.