Saturday, June 26, 2010



Mom is doing well! She even stood up yesterday and sat in a wheelchair for several hours. They continue to wean her off of the ventilator, and her drainage is draining well. They determined that the fevers were coming from a small pocket of bile collecting in her stomach that none of the drain tubes was accessing. They inserted another drainage tube to access that area and are hopeful the fever issue will no longer be an issue as all of the bile will be completely draining. She now has 5 drainage tubes coming from her stomach! Her overall demeanor is pleasant, and aside from being annoyed and frustrated at times, she is progressing in the right direction. I know i sound very clinical...and i still have that same fear that the other shoe might still drop...but i am really, well, not just me, everyone is really, really THRILLED with her progress. I don't think my mom's gonna die!

Thank you for all of the prayers. I KNOW they worked. God bless all of you :-)) Keep 'em coming!

Tomorrow i am set to attend my first meeting of Eating Disorders Anonymous. The website is neat and talks about BALANCE as the main goal. There is a meeting down town tomorrow, not too far from me. I already corresponded with Andrea, the leader of the group, who is a bulimic in recovery, and she offered to be my sponsor. She no longer binges, but eats in balance.

I'm pleased that i'm doing this for me. I think it makes ALOT of sense.

I also joined Weight Watchers this morning. Weight Watchers seems to have really changed and focuses more on whole foods and less processed foods, although 'everything' is allowed, you're really encouraged to eat low fat, low salt and high fiber. Sensible.

The meeting was actually entirely motivating and supportive and i feel blessed to have happened upon such a wonderful new leader in my old meeting. I was skeptical at first, and dissappointed the old leader was no longer here, but found this one to actually be way better. Instead of it being a LECTURE, it was more like GROUP THERAPY. Everyone got to talk. Meeting goers and the leader shared support and tips. The new leader, Carrie, was not so much teaching, but responding to what she heard. I was really impressed. She really HEARS you when you speak. I feel very lucky. Several of the people in the meeting were there as returns, since having gained weight back, so i didn't feel like an outcast, and just another sufferer looking to get her life/weight back on track and in control.

What's cool about Weight Watchers is that i get to determine whatever i want to eat - be it all raw or high raw or no raw. That feels like perfect freedom.

I'm excited about the possibility of weekly support with these two new ventures, and getting back into exercising again after almost a week off.

My coworker, from Arnold's Way, is also doing Weight Watchers using high or mostly raw. I'm going to connect with her right now.

So, that's the scoop, chickadees! It's all GOOD.

Thanks for being here for me.

Much Love,
xoxo michelle joy


jan said...

So, so grateful and relieved that your mom is doing better. I've been praying, as have many others;she's even out of bed and in a wheelchair. Amazing!

love to you and your mom,


jan said...

So, so, happy, grateful, and relieved that your mom is doing much better. I've been praying, as have many others, I'm sure.

I'm also grateful that an Eating Disorders Anonymous exists and, unbelievably, that they are quite close to your house. Talk about divine intervention, you are truly blessed.

love to you and your mom, dear Michie,