Monday, November 30, 2009

"Inevitable Slippage...It's How We Deal With It THat's Important!"

Hey there, Folks.

I feel very very blessed this morning. I had a great day food-wise yesterday.

And I woke up to a fantabulous comment from "Laura". What was even more nuts is she didn't think she really had 'anything' to say. Heck, her comment MIGHT be one of THE most powerful comments I've ever received. Since i never know if people actually READ comments, and part of that is my fault, as i never comment on the comments, i don't know what my problem is with this, but, i wanted to republish it to make sure you read it, below.

If any of you suffer from Binge Eating Disorder, this will shed ALOT of light on why you, possibly, and I, definitely, skip around from program to program. It's all part of the disorder . [Big sigh].

I truly understand, Laura, about what you are saying about Fuhrman's program being too restrictive. In fact, i was just laying in bed thinking about the 'treats' i could work into the program if i do go to him and go on it for real. I'd love to hear more about why Furhman, the man, isn't so great. I've had dealings with Dr. Douglas Graham and, uh, was NOT impressed. Jerk.

Have you read Dr. Christopher Fairburn's Overcoming Binge Eating? He states that for overweight binge eaters, we have a real dilemma. We can't just eat anything we want and must keep it low fat and health focused to lose weight very slowly, but also MUST work in reasonable treats in order to not exacerbate binge eating and continue to gain. I actually did have ONE ENTIRE BINGE FREE YEAR when i followed his program. I didn't lose weight, but i didn't binge, and THAT was tremendously empowering. And coincidentally, it was followed as a VEGETARIAN. And it really worked for me. I wonder if i should add his program into the mix....create my OWN program.

And, yes, of courese, there is the emotional aspect. I've been neglecting this. Either this Landmark thing or I should seek out an Eating Disorder Therapist.

I've, unfortunately, not had good luck with finding a good one. I've had two and the second was so offensive, i actually walked out. At the time, i was experimenting with religion and she was really, really out of line, trying to impose her liberal beliefs on me. I really took offense. I may not react that strongly today as i'm not practicing any kind of religion, but to be told what i was practicing was bullshit, was crazy. It was mainline Christianity. Not Voodoo or something.

Anyway, Laura, do you live in Phila? Do you have a recommendation for a therapist??? Please email me anyway, because we seem to have enormous loads in common and i could use your support.

Have a great day, folks, and just know that part of 'pure raw joy' is figuring out what works so we can actually maintain it. Good friends, like Laura, make it alot easier. God bless you!

I, for one, want to hear MUCH MUCH MORE from Laura and how she eats and how she copes with slippage and how she's changed emotionally. I want the whole shabang, the whole story!!! We want to hear more!

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Hi Michelle - First, big loving empathetic hugs to you. I wish I had something wise to share that could help you with your choice. I can share what I think - but take it salted. It's my opinion, no more no less.

Fuhrman's food plan is amazing. Fuhrman himself, maybe not so much. In ETL, he advocates a "just do it" approach and I think that's too restrictive for binge eating
disorder sufferers. I try to think of ETL as a guideline/goal rather than be-all end-all.

O.H.I. may give you a good break and a reminder of why raw was so good for you. Having a few weeks of great eating would reset your physiological system and less healthy foods would become less appealing. It still doesn't address the emotional issues though.

I think you're making real breakthroughs with emotional self-awareness. And that self-awareness is what I believe brings healing.

The most important thing is taking personal responsibility for that continued self-awareness. I'd be very careful with how I approached a week at OHI or an appointment with Fuhrman. Part of the binge eating disorder cycle is to have what I call "yet another plan."

It's a build up phase where you may be thinking to yourself, "this is it. This is THE final time. This is THE time I'll beat this forever." One can put their hopes and dreams in the external plan and lose focus on the internal work. Then, when there is the inevitable slippage (yes, it is inevitable. it's how we deal with it that's important) we lose faith, binge more, and go looking for the next "yet another plan."

What really really worked for me in my recovery with this was doing ongoing individual counseling with a psychologist who specializes in eating disorders.

Whatever you choose, continue being conscious of what you are doing. You will make it! Much love and healing energy to you.

xoxo michelle joy


Jess said...

I also forgot the mention that I live in Lansdale, actually within walking distance from Arnolds Way if you ever need someone to talk to. I have lost 130 pounds and con say that I have had a lot of success in overcoming my binge eating.

Laura said...

It warms my heart that you got something from my comment Michelle.

Naming the "yet-another-plan" part of the cycle was an "ah-ha!" moment for me. I'll try to figure out where I first saw it. I think it was either from a Geneen Roth book or from "Binge No More" by Joyce Nash.

I'm not in Philly. I'm a Canadian transplanted to Los Angeles. I blog at where you can find more of my ongoing story.

I'll send you my email so we can correspond more if you like.