Thursday, November 12, 2009

DAY TWO - The Meredith & Michelle 3 Week Raw Challenge!


Just wanted to write in quickly and i'll update today.

I weighed in this morning from 279.5 to 272. After not eating any SALT and all RAW 80-10-10, my body released alot of water, pee pee pee pee, and i'm cleansing, 7 lbs worth, in one day. Well, i guess the more you stuff yourself, the more radical your results are. But there is sure nothing like FAST RESULTS to keep one motivated! I also feel a little detoxy, sort of like i have the flu. So, i know I'm on the right track!

-30 min walk in mall. it's raining out. i still have a cold and feel lousy. Really lethargic and sleepy. I'm detoxing! i lost 7 lbs already, afterall.

- Not sure if i will get anything else productive done today. I'm really feeling lousy and still have a cold.

Dishes [didn't do them!]

: 2 glasses green smoothie: banana, pineapple, romaine, agave

SN: 5 bananas

-1 glass leftover green smoothie
-1 big bowl zucchini pasta with creamy red pepper tomato sauce (1 red pepper blenderized with 3 tomatoes, 1 tsp cashew butter, 1 clove garlic, ginger, lemon juice)
-2 cup hot herbal tea with raw honey and a spritz of organic soy milk (not raw)

DINNER: *** home-cooked Dr. Fuhrman style vegan salt free soup: (.5 oz cashew, .5 potato, mushrooms, celery, carrot, zucchini, onion, garlic, spinach)

*** I think this dinner was something i had to try. To just SEE if this might be a way for me to go. It certainly didn't taste as good as i hoped with zero salt and only cashew as a fat. i'm just trying to see what my options are. Because fat affects my reflux and i get so swollen from salt, i thought maybe Fuhrman's program would be good for me: half cooked veg, half raw, unlimited raw fruit, 1 oz nuts, no salt, beans and starches limited. I think i need a little room to dip my toes in the water and see about this. I will definitely keep my eyes open. My whole goal is not to binge. Can i do that on just eating normally (raw)...a little 80-10-10 and a little gourmet? it's certainly what i've been trying to do for over a year but i always lose control except for on 80-10-10 strictly. I know binge eating is emotional, but can't shake the idea that its exacerbated by stimulating foods (fat and salt) in my case. the allure of Fuhrman's diet was kind of dissappointed tonight by this soup. but, i'd rather turn from his program 'naturally' rather than in 'fear'. i hope that makes sense. I'm not viewing this episode as any kind of a failure. i did it consciously with my eyes open.

3 reasons i love me today:
1) i'm back on track. that shows courage and strength. no binge eating.
2) i notice i've gained alot, but i'm not in denial. i'm being proactive now.
3) i love color and am wearing a teal blue turtleneck today with torquoise earrings and a cute silk knit hat. i look cute and got hit on at the market. first time in a LONG time!!

3 things i did to get back on track:
1) drank green smoothie
2) took a walk
3) did my assignment and was HONEST!!!

More later,
xoxo michelle joy

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