Friday, November 20, 2009

DAY TEN! Meredith's FOOD is HERE!!!

It's here!

It's here!

Meredith's package arrived yesterday!!

All the way from BOULDER, CO to PHILADELPHIA, PA!!! And even after 2day air (which arrived in 3 days), I was astounded to find everything ICE COLD!!! That styrofoam thingy is a miracle!!!

What treats did i find???? Mmmmm! Look above to see some of Meredith's fantabulous creations at a recent function to honor Angela Stokes-Monarch and Matt Monarch!!! Meredith Frantz is quite simply THE BEST raw chef I know!!!!!
  • BETTER than cooked NO BEAN HUMMUS!
  • Cumin Spice FLAX Crackers!
  • Unbelievable BETTER BURGERS on BUNS with MAYO! (There's the burger in the photo above to the right of the collard wraps!)
  • Extra burger and buns!!!!!
  • ALMOND BUTTER Reeses, only BETTER!

If you are from the Boulder area or NOT FROM THE BOULDER AREA call or email Meredith TODAY for her creations! They ship BEAUTIFULLY!!! /

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I feel so happy today!!!! I awoke cheery and bright!

I had an all raw day yesterday and plan another today!

The constant throat clearing and LOW energy left me yesterday by eating raw. No more mucous! WOW.

Usually work is so hard for me with eating compulsively, but yesterday i did fantastically. I had three rules. No salt or oil. Limit nuts. Eat when hungry. It worked!!! It's a way for me to control myself in a possibly insanely out of control situation as a raw chef with delicious accessible food EVERYWHERE. I usually snack compulsively nonstop. I didn't! I didn't even TOUCH the raw bread. Yay!

So, when i got home, and my little treats were waiting for me, i was hungry, took a few contented nibbles and breathed a deep sigh of binge eating, no worry. Everything was made with LOVE....and i felt deeply supported and cradled like a little baby. Things that make me nuts at work didn't do that at home. They were non-binge foods made JUST for ME!!! How special is THAT?? The intention was "baked" right into them!!! And I write everything i eat to Meredith and feel this is a new beginning!

(I'm not saying goodbye to beans for good, i'm in another phase, that's all!)

Br: 11:30a.m. choco maca shake and a large banana whip...was hungry!
L: salad with saltfree cashew dressing, and oil free, made with 1oz cashew
S: another salad with half as much dressing. i also used nutritional yeast. LOVE that stuff.
D: 1 small container organic dried figs
S: a few bites meredith's treats....bites just to going entirely WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!

Thank you for this experience and for the following ones to come, Meredith!!!!

3 things i did to get back on track: ate all raw, ate salad to get some greens in since i really wanted that chocolately shake and didn't crave greens for breakfast, and didn't snack at all while working, yay! success!

3 reasons i love me: another pair of new jeans made me look hot today, i felt great today, was happy and energized and positive, feel good about being honest with where i'm at. i so don't feel like a bad person for eating beans. but sure felt good today about eating raw!

Goal: stay raw tomorrow, too!

And for the record, i think beans are totally cool, but they will zap the energy if you eat too many too many days in a row i think.

Anyway, at work, I had 1.5 oz of nuts only (i measured them). Dr. Fuhrman says 1 oz max, but i gave myself leeway since i was eating all raw. (I need to watch them for the weight, and for the reflux!)

I feel very happy today and want to share a video with you that illustrates the joy i feel today. Hey, it's a pure raw joy day!!!!!!! This is how i feel after eating raw for ONE DAY!!!!

There is so much more i want to say, but i'm taking a walk today, yippee! Gotta go! Lotsa energy!!!

xoxox michelle joy

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mikelle said...

i absolutely adore you! you are amazing, honest, beautiful, inspiring, etc, etc, etc. YOU GO GIRL!