Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Cycle

Expansion. Contraction.

Lean. Heavy.

Work. Relax.

Day in and day out, our days are all different and i'm starting to become OKAY with that and not so rigidly attached to one way or the other, but flexible to flow in and out of differing cycles and differing daily needs.

Last week, I needed to fit into a dress. I ate lighter. I had two wonderfully completely controlled days at work. Then I had the most wonderfully successful singing engagement and the time following has been filled with joy, singing happily, indulging in heavier foods, smiling the whole time, feeling absolutely blissed out and absolutely radiant!

I had such a good day! I practiced singing often, planned several concerts with my accompanist, made a decadent chocolate pie, humming and smiling the whole time.

I was so high last night i only slept 3 hours, which left me enjoying cacao a weeeeee leeeettle teeeensy weeeensy bit too much today.

I ate almost half of the chocolate pie....!!!!, but i tried not to be depressed about it and just accept it. The overdose in fat, however, has affected my voice, which was so radiantly healthy with the reduction in fat for the last few days!!! I'm not even upset or depressed about it, it's just one of those, "OH WELL" observations. I know my body and especially my voice doesn't like a lot of fat, but my mouth does. That's just part of me being ME.

So, i had my fun. And now i'm going to go light for the next day or two. To restore balance. It's all part of the ever changing cycle.

The , the online stop-binge eating program i've been working has been out of order for the last week or so. No worries.

Propel Forward. Wait.

Lean. Fatty.

Control. Indulgence. Over-Indulgence.

Health and sublime singing. Swelling and blockage.

So, now i'll be on a new cycle.... I'll put the chocolate pie in the back of the fridge...and am happy to know it will last at least a week or i can indulge in it again sometime soon! Indulgence is yummy. But, overindulgence is a little bit too much of a good thing.

xoxox michelle joy

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