Monday, November 16, 2009

DAY SIX - My "Meredith Food" Arrives Tomorrow!


I woke up feeling frustrated with the Fuhrman-diet and ready to give up.

In a long-winded way as usual, i'll explain.

Yesterday, i was alone at home, not too motivated to do anything about it, though i had written i would take a walk. I'm sometimes prone to these slumps.

I ended up taking the most wonderful bath with my eye on fulfilling my 'sensual' needs: i lit the mongo amount of candles i have procuriously ledged everywhere in the little bathroom, shut the lights, filled the tub up with HOT water, got out the 'Diva' Pink Lemonade Body Sugar and scrubbed away every nook and cranny. Pure heaven. Made me feel REAL good. Out of the tub i creamed my entire plump self with "Spring Meadow" Body Cream, breathed in the luscious citrusy scent and knew Cliffy would appreciate it.

I did my hair, and was excited to get dressed up flirty-like for Cliff's return from his day out in a few hours. When he arrived home, he exclaimed, "Wow...look at you!" And snuggled and sniffed me lovingly in the crook of my neck. Success!

Until he got home, i plopped a french film in the DVD player, another 'sensual' pleasure of mine, the way the french tickles my ears, and had a grand ol' time with the suspenseful flick, devouring 3 more bowls of Fuhrman-style cooked vegan soup in the process. I can't lie. I enjoyed the heck out of it. This is my kind of evening.

Then Cliff and I watched an opera together then, shared a few glasses of zinfandel, and I sang along to Mimi's lines in the Met's live telecast from last year of the Zeferelli production of "La Boheme". It was a pleasure!

YET....I felt like i did REAL bad with my food though. I mean, i was stuffed. I wasn't any more stuffed than i was on any other night i've been doing Fuhrman, but guilty about not having raw throughout the day. I thought about binge eating 1/2 raw chocolate pie i have in the fridge. But after i started singing, and it was SO GOOD, i realized the reflux is actually GOOD, my voice sounded and felt EASY and GREAT! That was my number one motivation to not screw it up by ingesting what amounts to 4 or 5 avocados with more fatty nuts, etc... Fat kills my voice. And the Fuhrman soup is very low fat. Good for me...and my reflux!

But, i was certain to awake this morning to weight gain. I'd only drank 3 glasses green smoothie for breakfast, 1 bowl Fuhrman soup for lunch, 1 cup soymilk for snack, some raw lemonade as i was thirsty, and 3 enormous bowls Fuhrman soup for dinner, and some zinfandel. So much for my 1-vegan cooked meal a day.

[Do you think i should perhaps change the name of this blog to pure joy...and take the raw OUT of it? Or maybe i should just call it 'pure' because i rarely report much joy. I know, I'll call it 'pure struggle...with some joy...and some raw!']

Well, i awoke to weigh in at 261.5, down another 1.5lb from yesterday. (From 279.5 to 261.5 - 18 lbs down in 6 days) since my half a loaf of rye and whole stick of butter + 2 peices of pizza + veggie lomein + 4 eggs + 2 glazed donuts + wheat bread + another stick of butter 2day binge just 6 days ago.

I know it was a lot of water weight, eating all of that salty stuff. And now i've been eating no salt. But, I'm like freakin' out because, uh, i'm losing more rapidly eating cooked vegan food than on raw vegan food.

Who knows if it'll keep up, though, the weightloss. And, i've sure been following Dr. Fuhrman's advice to eat as much as i a fault. I really thought i'd have gained. Maybe beans DO rev the metabolism???

Well, me thinks Meredith is NOT going to be too pleased with this report, since it only contained 2 raw selections, eeek.

But, tomorrow her shipment arrives, which will be filled with raw goodies made especially por moi to munch on. And i'll receive another package the next week, and the next!

I guess we will be pitting Fuhrman's program against 100% Gourmet raw in a head to head bout. Who will be the winner???

I know one thing. Meredith's morsels will taste aLOT better than tasteless veggie soup!

Although, actually, i QUITE enjoy it. You taste the VEGGIES. And the lentils make it thick. And the cashew makes it a bit creamy. I blenderize a whole bunch of veggies with water first to make the base, no salty soup stock, no salt at all, cook the lentils in that blenderized veggie/water base. I use the orange kind of lentils as they cook the quickest, and just keep adding veggie chunk after veggie chunk: onion, cauliflower, broccoli, corn, zucchini, stringbeans, you name it. Near the end, blenderize up some cashew with water and add in, and cook a few more minutes. This is Dr. Fuhrman-style soup.

But, perhaps after Meredith's packages come...i WON'T have to RENAME this blog!!! She was hoping i would stay raw these three weeks. Heck, so was I. I think.

Well, it will be interesting to report daily, to say the least! I'm half insanely looking forward to it and half frightened to death. I used to be able to stuff myself with raw gourmet...and STILL lose weight. Those days are long gone, though.

xoxo michelle joy

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