Saturday, November 14, 2009

DAY FOUR - Project Meredith and Michelle

Hi there, kiddies,

I weigh 263.5 from 279.5 just 4 days ago (-16 lbs). Freaky. But it was all water weight and lots of noodles!! Neverthless, this 80-10-10/Dr. Fuhrman-style program seems to be working.

Here's my food from yesterday.

Breakfast: Green smoothie - lots of org baby spinach, banana, vanilla
Snack: 5 Bananas
Lunch: Watermelon
Snack: Grapes
Dinner: Dr. Fuhrman no salt veggie soup with only a little bit of cashew cream in it and lentil beans
Snack: green smoothie, was hungry

Goals/Activities: i did dishes, we went shopping and were out most of the day.

3 Reasons i love me: 1) i'm trying 2) i'm learning 3) i'm listening

3 Steps in the right direction: 1) took a walk 2) lots of fruits and veggies raw 3) doing my homework.

I wrote this giant email to Meredith trying to explain my reasoning for wanting to try the Fuhrman program. She's really worried about me. I wrote for an hour, heartfelt, insightful...and i LOST it!

I'll be writing more later and will clue you in, too.

xoxo michelle joy

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