Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Wednesdays are favorite days around here for us because MARVELOUS MEGAN comes to help us organize our house!!!

Over the 10 years Cliff and I have been living together, we've amassed a pretty big load o' crap and since we're not good at organizing ourselves and we have no closets and we have lots of extra rooms, we kinda shoved everything into those rooms.

One out of control junk room became 2, and life stop functioning very well.

So far with Megan's help, we've made the basement a pure pleasure to do laundry in, it is tidy and functional and a place now to store all of the stuff we had upstairs.

We now have a functional dining room that is beautiful, too. It's no longer a table for collecting junk.

We have a 'walk-in closet' (an extra bedroom, transformed from a junk den), a functional extra bedroom for guests, and a lovely and functional den/living room, and kitchen.

Next we are going to tackle another one of the bedrooms. And we'll keep filling up the closet-room and declutter my piano room.

Whew, what a major undertaking. But, Megan is fabulous! If you live in the Philadelphia or Souderton area, i highly recommend her! You can contact me for her info.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So, my all raw day yesterday stuck amazingly well. I indulged in salt and fat as much as i wanted and that felt freeing. And i even sung well. So there. I look bloated from salt and wheat from the other day, but at least i'm not binge eating.

Maybe i oughtta just forget about trying to control my weight and reflux so much and just concentrate on living, eating and enjoying raw, exercising, getting my needs met, and accepting my body/weight the way it is. And let the rest take care of itself.

I notice the more i control my eating, the salt, the fat, the worse the backlash seems to be. I keep assuming it's the fat and salt MAKING me binge, but after a day like yesterday where i felt completely content, i don't think it is. My relationship was in a good place. So, my food was simple to keep under control. INTERESTING.

I felt heard and seen and supported enough by Cliff that i didn't need to eat his bread or rice yesterday. That's quite telling. I should look at the good days and see what they have and compare them to the bad days to see what they are missing. I also worked on my music all day. I should keep a log and notate if my needs are met: attention from cliff: check. artistic expression: check.

Cliff and i had kanoodleing time this morning and this makes me feel loved and complete, too. I was teasing him and said, "Touch there, now i won't need a slice of bread. Touch there, that's a bowl of noodles!" I'm onto something here, and he was gung ho. Good motivation for him. He wants me to eat he'd better touch those noodles away!

Well, i've put off starting my day long enough.

Hope you're well. Thanks for stickin' by me through all of this. One of these days, it's all gonna come together!

xoxox michelle joy

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