Friday, November 13, 2009

DAY THREE - Project Meredith and Michelle

Morning, ya'll,

I weighed in this morning at 266.5 down from 279.5 in two days. (-13) That's the power of no salt low fat mostly 80-10-10 after a huge binge.

I reported my Fuhrman soup last night to Meredith and, uh, well, she's REALLY worried about me. This was supposed to be an all raw 3 week challenge. I completely understand her viewpoint.

It's crazy I even started eating cooked food in the first place...about 2 months ago, then binged crazily on it, and then came to a place where i thought it might actually be an option for me for long term, a healthy option. But, it's understandable that there are so many differing viewpoints on what's "healthy".

That Fuhrman soup i made tasted kinda gross, no salt and only cashews as fat in it. Incredibly deflating and dissappointing. Could i realy LIVE like that????

More later,
xoxo michelle joy

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