Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Hello, my dears!

Well, today was day one of Meredith Frantz's 3 Week Raw Challenge!! She will send me food weekly from BOULDER, COLORADO all the way to PHILLY!!!!!! I will committ my food to her daily and do assignments. I'll 80-10-10 sometimes, and eat moderation! She's my sponsor!!!

So, how did today go? Well, after 2 days of nonstop bread/butter/egg/noodles/rice binge eating, i'm back on the raw wagon. I NEVER thought i'd ever go off. Seriously frightening how easy it was. November 15th is 3 years RAW for me.

Today, however, was not without it's challenges. I had alot of food thoughts. I had some cravings. I had some dissatisfaction with my meals. I felt like making a big pot of lima bean soup, but didn't. And i didn't eat any of my raw bread. I'm on a little low fat no salt cleanse until Saturday. Not easy, but so far so good.

I intended to be fat free today, but had a little cashew butter. I really wanted a salad and have a hard time tolerating it without any kind of a dressing. I think that's okay, actually. The cashew cream made the salad tolerable. Plus, Dr. Fuhrman allows 1 oz of nuts a day. I probably had about an ounce. I think that's a pretty great guideline to follow from now on.

P.S. Now i know why the majority of people eat food cooked. It's so freakin' delish. Zucchini spaghetti doesn't really compare to veggie lo mein, i must say. "Memories.....light the corners of my mind....Misty water colored noodles....of the way we were...."

Anyway, it's nice to be back on track because i was shocked how much i weighed this morning.

Thank God for Meredith's help. She's my little angel. She was right there when i needed someone. What's that poem about God carrying you in the palm of his hand? I feel rescued. thank you!

I received the most wonderful email from Meredith this morning. God, i'm lucky! My little sponsor is helping me, yay!!!

"I liked your #1 item "drank a green smoothie even though you didn't want to." This is the type of reprogramming I touched upon in my prior e-mail. When we recognize a pattern we have two choices... to continue repeating it or to choose differently and make a change. Sometimes, that change is something that half our brain wants.. and the other half says "no, no, stay in the dysfunction so the ego can rule your life!" A first step is doing what you know will bring lasting peace and joy, not immediate and temporary happiness. At the moment the green smoothie wasn't what you wanted, but now looking back on your day that green smoothie was something you are happy with. This awareness is important to changing patterns in behavior. You have to be honest with yourself and truly know yourself. It's a matter of choosing a new route, a new pattern, a new you!"


Here's my report from today:

: 279.5
  • I did the dishes, and straightened the kitchen and living room

  • I made meals for cliff for the entire week

  • It rained today and i felt really awful, still having a cold, plus just no energy. It was raining out and i stayed in all day.


  • Vacume living and dining room and the hallway downstairs

  • Take a walk

  • Straighten upstairs kitchen and dining room

3+ Things i love about myself today:

  • I love my proactive attitude towards my large weight gain this morning. I know my 80-10-10 plan will get me back on track and clean me out. I love that i can see that clearly.

  • I love that I did not allow this last cooked episode to snowball out of control any worse than it did. my enttire life has been filled with 50-100 lb gains. I love that i'm learning to nip it in the bud, relatively speaking.

  • I love that when i had food thoughts today, i didn't give in.

  • I love that the dining room is clean. I love to live in harmony.

  • I love that when i eat no salt my body responds so quickly.I'm peeing alot!

3+ Things i did that are steps in the right direction:

  • i drank a green smoothie for breakfast

  • although i wanted to eat salty, fatty raw bread, i chose light whole foods instead today to help me cleanse

  • I did my assignment and marked down my food

  • Everytime i had a food thought, i saw it, and just let it pass. I didn't give in to raw bread or making lima bean soup. The 'craving' passed.

  • I did not enjoy my pineapple shake at first, then it satisfied the hunger.


  • BR: Green smoothie (banana, romaine, agave)

  • LU: 3 apples and 1 mango, lemon juice and agave into mango applesauce

  • LINNER: 1 head romaine, 1 Tbsp cashew butter mixed with water, vinegar, garlic, no salt

  • DRINK: 1 glass fresh orange/grapefruit juice

  • DRINK: 2 cups herbal tea with raw honey

  • SNACK: Pineapple Frappagreeno - 1 whole pineapple, 1 head romaine vitamixed with ice and agave. Yum!

  • DINNER: Zucchini Spaghetti - 1.5 zucchinis with tomato sauce: 3 tomato, 1 clove garlic, basil, ginger, red onion, 1/2 tsp cashew cream

  • SNACK: TBD something banana-y?

    xoxox michelle joy

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