Tuesday, August 31, 2010

30 DAYS...40 LBS GONE!

Howdy, Folks,

With the help of Dr. Douglas Graham of http://www.foodnsport.com/, I've gone from 330 lbs to 290 lbs in one month, yay!

I get alot of questions inquiring exactly what i've eaten this past month of August. Here's what I ate!

Day 1
BR: 3 bananas
LN: 2 bananas
SN: 3 bananas
SN: 3 bananas
DN: 4 bananas

Day 2
Br: 6 bananas
Sn: 4 bananas
Sn: 3 bananas
Ln: 4 bananas
Dn: 4 bananas

Day 3
Br: 8 bananas
Ln: 5 bananas
Sn: 5 bananas
Dn: 7 bananas

Day 4
Br: 5 bananas
Sn: 8 bananas
Ln: 3 bananas
Sn: 7 bananas
Dn: 4bananas

Day 5
BR: 6 small bananas
LN: 3 large bananas
SN: 3 large bananas
DN: 5 small bananas

Day 6
Br: 12 small bananas
Dn: 7.5 bananas

Day 7
Br: 7 bananas
Ln: 3 bananas
Dn: 6 bananas

Day 8
Br: 7 bananas
Sn: 2 stalks of celery
LN: 7 bananas
SN: 1 stalk of celery
DN: 7 bananas

Day 9
Br: 7 bananas
LN: 4 bananas
SN: 2 stalks celery
DN: 6 bananas

Day 10
Br: 7 bananas
DN: 5 large bananas

Day 11
Br: 7 bananas
Ln: 5 bananas
Sn: 2 stalks celery
Dn: 3 bananas

Day 12
Br: 5 bananas
Ln: 7 bananas
Dn: 7 bananas

Day 13
Br: 3 bananas
Sn: 7 bananas
Ln: 3 bananas
Dn: 3 bananas

Day 14
Br: 6 bananas
Ln: 8 bananas
Sn: 5 bananas
Dn: 5 bananas

Day 15
Br: 7 bananas
Ln: 3 bananas
Dn: 6 bananas

Day 16
Br: 6 bananas with spinach, thick smoothie
Ln: 6 bananas with spinach, thick smoothie
Sn: 3 bananas, 2 celery
Dn: 4 bananas

Day 17
Br: 6 bananas and red leaf lettuce, smoothie
Ln: 7 bananas and twice as much lettuce, smoothie
Sn: 1 stalk celery
Dn: 7 bananas with lettuce, smoothie

Day 18
Br: 8 bananas with green leaf lettuce blended into green smoothie
DN: : 5 bananas

Day 19
Br: 4 bananas and 1 large container blueberries, handful lettuce
Ln: 7 bananas
DN: 5 bananas and 1 large container blueberries

Day 20
Br: 9 bananas
Sn: 1 date
Sn: a few bites of watermelon
DN: 1/2 very large yellow melon
SN: 2 corn on the cob

Day 21
Br: 8 bananas and lettuce.
Ln: 7 bananas
Dn: 7 bananas and lettuce

Day 22
Br: 8 bananas and lettuce.
Ln: 7 bananas
Dn: 7 bananas and lettuce

Day 23
Br: 9 bananas and lettuce
Ln: 3 bananas
Dn: 8 garden picked home grown tomatoes

Day 24
Br: 1 whole big casaba melon
Ln: 8 bananas and kale
Dn: 6 x-large peaches

Day 25
Nothing. I got my period. Sick!

Day 26
Fasted morning and afternoon...still sick!
DN: 1/2 small watermelon
SN: 3 nectarines

Day 27
Br: 1/2 very large casaba melon
Ln: 6 large bananas with spinach.
Sn: 3 purple plums
Dn: 3 nectarines.

Day 28
Br: 1/4 small watermelon
LN: 6 bananas
D: 8 small tomatoes, chopped with a few leaves of fresh sage from our patio garden

Day 29
Br: 1/2 small watermelon
Ln: 3 large peaches
D: cherry and roma tomatoes, 1 tiny red pepper, basil leaves cuisinarted into "salsa"
SN: large handful of spinach & 4 large bananas into thick smoothie.
Sn: 1 ear raw corn.

Day 30
Br: 1/4 small watermelon
Lunch: 6 large bananas blenderized with very big handful spinach
Sn: 4 large bananas
DN: cuisinart chopped salad of mushroom, tomato, red pepper, celery, lemon juice, mint and basil, 1 ear of corn kernels

Day 31
Br: 1/2 small watermelon
Ln: 7 banans blended with 3 handfuls spinach

UPCOMING - "Emotional Roller Coaster"
I'm very very interested to share with you the emotional roller coaster I went on during this month. I'll go back over my logs and do a summary of my emotional ups and downs. Believe me, it's been a ROLLER COASTER!

TEACHING FOR THE DAY: Patience is a virtue on 80-10-10! Hang in there! Expecting to feel good right away is not realistic in my experience. People who feel great on 80-10-10 right away must be really healthy already...because I have felt like shit on most days. Detox comes in waves and can last for WEEKS on end, with no break. Then, suddenly, it clears, all of a sudden, and i awake one day and feel MARVELOUS...and have a fabulous day, and I realize...."Aha...it was just DETOX! All of that struggle and feeling awful was worth it because today I feel WONDERFUL! And, this is how i will feel someday...all of the time!" And then i awake the next day and feel awful again. Such is detox! Trust your body and go with the flow!

xoxo michelle joy


Cosmic said...

Congrats and wee-done for sticking with it si*star(you're reaping the rewards of good health:)!

Proug of ya:0)


Debbie said...

Congratulations Michelle! I have never been able to stay on 80 10 10 longer than 3 weeks. So glad you are reaping the rewards.