Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Just a quickie today!

Mom is doing marvelously!! She had her trache taken out, her feeding tube taken out....she's eating solid meals and tolerating them well...she's walking with the aid of a walker for a few minutes a day...she's left only with two abdominal drains, which should be removed after her rehab stint. Mom will be going to rehab within the next few days!

I want to thank all of you sincerely for all of your prayers and well wishes. Mom's made a miraculous recovery and we know that all of the prayers were working supernaturally to heal her. We feel so blessed to have her 'back!!'

~ ~ ~

Today is Day 4 of Banana Island and my coaching relationship with Dr. Graham. I'm enjoying my emails with him very much. He's been extremely encouraging and uplifting. I've been sticking to the program, eating only bananas and drinking water. I'm feeling tired often, but have been encouraged to rest as much as possible, as i'm in a detox. Often, though, i feel hopeful and very joyful about my return to raw, and i often feel a renewed sense of energy. I've been eating close to 30 bananas a day the last few days, which Dr. Graham says is just fine. We've been talking alot about the difference between 'pleasure' and true happiness, and about my addiction to food. Dr. Graham says that cooked food is a 'drug,' but then clarified, that he doesn't see cooked food as 'addictive,' but that humans can easily use/abuse anything to distract themselves. I am very prone to abusing food.

Dr. Graham has a method to his madness behind all of these bananas. He aims to return me to feeling hunger/fullness naturally, and addressing hunger, simply and easily. Bananas are also vitamin rich. And i suppose the mono-diet concept is also at work here. My digestion feels wonderful. Not acidy like it had been.

So, all in all, it takes discipline, but Banana Island is not so bad! It has it's merits and Dr. Graham promises that this is only the beginning of restoring my eating habits and weight to normal.

I've lost alot of water weight and feel like a new person - not like the intensely bloated one i was just days ago. And i often get glimmers of how it used to feel to be raw and to believe in it so much. Those were blissful days...and there are more ahead, to be sure.

I'm excited where this all will lead me and so entirely grateful for the support!

xoxo michelle joy

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