Friday, August 6, 2010


Good morning! Today we move my mom to the rehab!

And today is day six on Banana Island! So, i finally ask Dr. Douglas Graham, who refers to himself as Dr. D., why bananas are his exclusive prescription for me for this week, and why he constantly says they are so good for me.

"Dr. D, Why all of the bananas???? What is the meaning behind it all?"

Dr.D answers:
The mono program serves many functions.
It gives us a baseline.
It gets you in touch with true hunger.
It lets your taste bud's sensitivity heighten.
It changes your relationship with food, and with yourself.
It makes eating raw really simple.
It limits variables to give us a better picture of what is going on with you.
It gives your digestive system a bit of rest.
It helps me find out how serious you are. :) Just kidding.
You are no longer stimulating and irritating your bowels with everything you were eating.

"Well...okay then!"

For more interesting banana facts, check out !

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