Monday, August 23, 2010


After 3 LONG weeks on "BANANA ISLAND," the world, as Dr. Graham put it, is going to "open up to me." And it just DID! I just ate a plate full of the most INCREDIBLE, delectable heirloom garden fresh home grown TOMATOES...and i never tasted ANYTHING like that before in my whole life. Remember he said Banana Island would 'cleanse my palate'? Holy Canoli, i taste SALT and GARLIC and other SPICES in those tomatoes, but they were just plain tomatoes! No salt, no oil, no dressing, no Wish Bone, no Ken's, no NUTHIN'!!! Who said i couldn't eat salad without dressing? i just did! It's not just the 'maters. It's like my taste buds are completely and vibrantly ALIVE to every tomato NUANCE!!! It just so happens my first tomato meal was a special one, a gift, from a gardener friend. I chowed down on a BLACK KRIM variety, a BROWN DERBY tomato, ROMA tomatoes and CHERRY TOMATOES. Who KNEW tomatoes had different NAMES?????? All i have to say is....AMAZING...THRILLING...SENNNNNSATIONAL!!!! I never need to drink tomato juice again, because those tomatoes tasted like salty spicy tomato juice THEMSELVES! And they were just tomatoes!!!! I taste so much in such a simple thing! WOW!

(Banana Island was DEFINITELY worth THAT experience. It was like an acid trip!)

Man, I LOVE FRUIT. Thanks, Dr. D!

xoxo michelle joy

P.S. Pray for my mom. She's back in ICU. 103 fever. Infection in her abdomen again. Two steps forward, one step back. Pray. pray. pray. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!


Cosmic said...

Wow! Your new-found enthusiasm for fruit is infectiously-lovely:)


Karen said...

Ditto to the above comment. The flavor and pleasure of simple food is key for us overeaters. All the "thrill" delivered by seasoned cooked food and gourmet raw is available from simple foods in their natural state. Thank you for reminding me that pure foods are not boring by any means (pure raw joy!) I'm sending prayers for your mom.

Lauren H. said...

SO happy for you and your "rebirth"! Tomatoes do indeed rock. Yum!