Friday, August 13, 2010


Morning, all,

Next Saturday, August 21, 2010, 9am - 9pm is the Vibrant Living Festival, taking place in Sellersville, PA, at the Harmonly Hill Gardens.

Harmony Hill Farm
1341 Mill Rd.
Sellersville PA 18960

There will be a fabulous raw singer named, HUMAN, traveling from OREGON to be there! He is super cool and i love his lyrics and vibe. Check out some videos from him. I'm listening to SOUL REVIVAL as we speak. I really like it!!!! I'm excited to hear him play! Here is a link to his song "Soul Revival"

There will also be another fabulous raw singer there named MICHELLE JOY SCHULMAN! I'll be singing at 10:30a.m., so get there early! I'll be doing a short program, i think, but hopefully you'll enjoy it!

* Deh Vieni Non Tardar from Le Nozze di Figaro
* Sombre Foret from Rossini's William Tell
* Till There Was You from Music Man
* Climb Ev'ry Mountain from The Sound of Music
and maybe another peice or two...

Check out the schedule at the festival:

PURCHASE TICKETS HERE! If you want to buy tickets, please purchase them using the secret discount code of GRATITUDE and you'll receive 10$ off of tickets as a PURE RAW JOY reader.

The food will be fruitarian based, so super low fat and no salt. Megan "Megabytes" McDonnell is making all of the food, so it is sure to be scrumptious and HEALTHY!!! With a cutie like THIS making it, how could it not be? Check out some pics of the food on the festival website, yum! Here is a link!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'm doing good. Today is day 13 on banana island. I'm still just eating celery and bananas this week. Dr. Grahams emails are witty, educational, and encouraging. I'm super thirsty the last few days. Must be a detox thing...

My mom is doing okay! The rehab is a little better. And she had her surgery site checked by the surgeon's office yesterday, and everything seems to be fine. The swelling is just edema. And the leaking from her drain is not a problem. Her bandages just have to be changed more often.

She's getting stronger everyday! Amazing! She got HERSELF out of bed last night, and using the walker, took HERSELF to the bathroom. This shows just how much stronger she really is. But i was mad at her and still am. She's not ALLOWED to do that. She can only use the walker supervised. What if she were to break a hip? That would be the end. Secretly, i'm very proud of her.

I've chosen a few arias for the festival so far, and am working on music for a program in Virginia. Wish me luck!

How are YOU? Please say HI when you can!

Are you coming to the festival?????? If you are, PLEASE let me know!!!!

xoxo michelle joy

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