Monday, August 2, 2010


Well, folks, banana just that. Bananas...ONLY!

I had 18 bananas yesterday, eaten in meals of 3-ish several times a day whenever i got hungry. I drank lots of water, too. And peed about 5 trillion times.

It actually wasn't too bad.

The only challenging time was driving home from the hospital. You know, past all of my old 'pleasure palaces' (fast food places) where i would binge on vegetarian junk food (pizza, rolls and butter, icecream, donuts, etc...) over the last months...gaining mongo amounts of weight.

Driving past these places, and feeling the desire for that food well up in me, and then realize i'm not going to eat it today, felt like something was dying in me.

The good news is...something is dying...the old me.

~ ~ ~ ~

Dr. D is not too bad. I think he's kind of jerky, but redeemed himself in his last email. I'll share more another time.

I'm committed for 3 months, so i should be hot to trott soon enough! So thrilled about that!

And tolerating him for the 3 months will be worth it because i will finally be back PURE RAW JOY.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

AUGUST 21, 2010

I'm performing in a wonderful raw festival on August 21st sponsored by Arnold's Way called the VIBRANT LIVING FESTIVAL.

The festival will take place in Perkasie, PA in a gorgeous lush grove/garden area. The food will be all low fat raw creations by my fabulous darling friend and coworker, Megan McDonnell. She's wonderful. You will love the food. There will be lectures and demos and vendors and great entertainment. I will be singing opera!! And maybe a few other songs!

It would be wonderful to meet some of you who read this blog, if you are local. Please come out and show your support!

Here's the website: , but if you'd like to come, please buy your tickets at PureRawJoy at the link below.

There are a limited number of discount tickets available for my readers. The tickets are $25, but for Pure Raw Joy readers, $15 tickets are available NOW by clicking on this direct link:;

~ ~ ~ ~

Please do let me know if you are coming!

You have all been such a great support to me and I want to thank you all personally. It will be a pleasure to see you and meet you there!

xoxo michelle joy


Pat said...

I'm so happy that you have a plan that you are familiar with. I was worried for you. I just started a modified version of his program, I'm not doing all mono meals but just reducing the nuts and olive oils have made a big difference.

I'll be reading for tips.

Hang in there

Pat said...

I'm glad you have a program that you are familiar with and feel confident in. I was worried for you.

I started a modified version of his program some mono meals and less nuts and olive oil is where I am at the moment and it feels good so far.

I wish you the best hang in there. I"ll be reading for tip :)