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This post ended up below another post by accident, so i've copied it. Here you go!

Okay, here it is - the new custom made program Dr. D designed for me! We are coaching together for the next 2.5 months. Yay, I'm officially done with BANANA ISLAND!!!!

BREAKFAST: Any mono fruit meal you desire.

LUNCH: A mono meal of bananas, as large as you like.

DINNER: Any mono fruit meal, prepared any way you wish, as much as you wish.

This may be followed by an optional salad, made from up to five of the following ingredients, prepared any way you wish:

-Any one acid or sub-acid fruit +(see below)
-red sweet pepper
-any tender greens such as spinach.

SNACKS: You may still have lettuce and celery at any time of day, in unlimited quantities.

~ ~ ~ ~

I wasn't sure what to think of the new program. Would i be hungry after mono meals, of, say, light watery melon? Could i tolerate a salad with zero FAT or SALT on it?

Only time and experience will tell. But, so far, so good. The tomato dinner was beyond. My casaba mellon breakfast was more filling and sustaining than i imagined. And my peach dinner, which consisted of 6 xlg white peaches held me since 5 pm, and it's almost midnight now.

The BIG question, however, is....what the heck is an ACID FRUIT and what is a SUB-ACID FRUIT?

Jeez, I KNOW i had learned that 4 years ago at Optimum Health Institute, but I never really paid attention to the teaching. I've never been one to follow any food rules as a gourmet raw chef. In gourmet raw, the thing is to listen to NO RULES except what TASTES GREAT to the palette...and mix up EVERYTHING. So, i was never too keen on the ACID/SUBACID thing.

I asked Dr. D for a clarification. Here's what he responded.

ACID FRUITS (according to Dr. D)
-Anything else with a similar "bite."

SUB ACID FRUITS (according to Dr. D)
-Similar fruits

"You must learn to use your tongue to tell if fruit is acid or not."

~ ~ ~ ~

Since this didn't seem too clear to me, i checked an internet website. And things became even foggier. Here's the list from that site.

ACID FRUITS (according to internet website)
Strawberries (but other berries are subacid?)
Sour Apples
Sour Grapes
Sour Peaches
Sour Plums
Sour Cherries

SUB ACID FRUITS (according to internet website)
Sweet Apples
Sub-acid Grapes (what the hell is that?)
Sweet Peaches
Sweet Plums
Sweet Cherries
Fresh Figs

~ ~ ~ ~

Since i've not yet ventured into the holy optional salad after my dinner fruit because 1) salad without a half 'o bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch or creamy Thai cashew dressing never really appealed to me 2) i'm still confused about the Acid/Subacid thing-a-majig...., I'm wondering if you could help clarify???


Please let me know the definitive list...., if there is one?!!

~ ~ ~ ~

But, you know what? i guess the point is really NOT to use any SWEET fruit mixed with the salad, correct?

Hmmmm.....I wonder why?

So, a list of sweet fruit would really be the ideal thing to gather...and then avoid those with the salad.

I can work on that another time.

For now, if anyone can clarify acid/subacid, that would be greatly appreciated!

~ ~ ~ ~

Any ideas on how to make all of those ingredients into an interesting salad? I'm thinking a blended mango dressing or a blended fig dressing? Sounds revolting actually, but worth a try??? Eeek, arrrgh.

~ ~ ~ ~

Interesting overview of Dr. Graham's book:

xoxo michelle joy

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