Sunday, August 30, 2009

Disc Golf with Cliff at Tyler State Park! Day 2 of new plan....8 lbs lost, wow!

Oh, my god, this is THE worst picture of me i've ever seen!!! I look ridiculous in that balloony outfit...i thought i looked so cute...and with that hat on in the woods???!!!!! Oh, my GOD!!

Cliff looking miserable as he got us lost in the woods, like, twice! Here we are in front of a huge clearing, getting ready to re-enter the woods. We had gone the wrong way, and had to re-trollop through a muddy soaking wet field. Oh, well, good exercise!!!

Here's Cliffy making a toss at the Disk Golf Tee.

In the woods!

Hiya, Kiddies,

Yesterday, my main man, Cliff, and I went to a DISC GOLF course outside of Philadelphia! We had first tried disc golf in Ohio on vacation. Our friends took us to what we thought was a BIG park, having 18 holes. It was all very open. No trees blocking your tosses.

Well, the course we found yesterday at Tyler State Park (about 1 hours drive from us in Manayunk) was GIGANTIC! We were to find out it is the 'premiere course in the COUNTRY' and that there is a tournament held there every year happening in two weeks for PROFESSIONAL DISK GOLFERS!!! So, the course was set up for them with the goal baskets placed super super super far from the tee!!!! Great, just our luck! We couldn't have happened upon a nice, small course for beginners!!! There are 27 holes in this enormous course, and all of the baskets were completely unvisible from the tossing tees IN the forest!!! The chain baskets were hundred and hundreds of yards away from the Tee. Some as far as 800 yards away.

We were only able to complete 6 holes of the 27!!!! Exhausted after only 6, we gave up, and decided to head back...but which way to go??? We had to find our way back in the woods to the parking lot...and got lost several times, so we definitely got our exercise in today! Cliff thinks 3 or 4 miles we walked today. When we got home, we were zonked, so, yes, we had quite a work out today!

If you'd like to get an idea of what it looks like to toss a disk, here you go! These videos i found on Youtube. In the first, these guys are making like near holes in one from the tee which is not too far from the chain basket. It would take me like 10-15 throws from this distance to get the disk in the basket! In the second video, you get to see the chain basket and "Cubby" making a hole in one. AMAZING!!!



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'm in full force on my 80-10-10ish plan. We packed an igloo for our daytrip. I had green smoothie for breakfast, watermelon for a snack, salad with tahini dressing for lunch and some nectarines, and when we got home, i ate an entire medium round watermelon and more green smoothie.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It sounds well and good, like everything is just nifty. But, honestly, I'm feeling irritable and hungry all day today and generally mizzy mizzy, lousy, miserable.

Constantly hungry, all day, I'm thinkin', "Is this really WORTH it??"

I thought back to that video of Doug Graham and i ask myself, "Do i really NEED the PERFECT diet? Do i really need to do this if i feel this irritable, today???"

I suppose i'm detoxing, too, probably, because i'm taking Noni Juice and doing the Barley Max and on a cleansing diet. I had someone ask about Barley Max. Does it taste good? Well, no. But, i've become used to it. I've taken Barley Max in the past for a long time. Now that i'm back to it, i don't mind it much. I'm taking a big serving, but in the beginning, you only take a tiny serving, like 1/2 tsp in water. I take maybe more than 2 Tbsp in water. The worst part of it is when it doesn't dissolve totally and you drink a chunk. To me, that's way worse than the flavor. I shake it up in a bottle with water and for the most part, that way works out okay.

OH. Interesting news. i did NOT have 20% fat on my first day, but 6%!!!!

I had 20 GRAMS of fat, which calculated as 6% of everything i ate. On you have to scroll to the bottom to get your fat percentage. All of this time, i've been thinking i'm eating sooooo much fat, and i probably wasn't!!!!

6% is perfect by 80-10-10 standards. I also had about 6% today as well.


Are you able to view it?

For all of this effort, i'd better lose a few pounds by tomorrow!

[i weighed in at an amazing 258.5 from 266 1/2 just 2 days ago. A total of 8 lbs lost of water and dehydrated foods in my intestines!!!] [So, i ask myself now, "Was it worth it, being so exhausted and irritable lose 8 lbs?" And i answer with a resounding, YES!]

[i wrote this last night] It's a little after 8pm and all i want to do is go to bed. I'm bored, tired, irritable.

After the disc golf, we were so wiped out, it is a very strenuous sport, I fell asleep in the car for an hour or longer and cliff took a nap when we arrived home. Tonight we're both tired and bored. Maybe we'll watch a movie in bed. THAT sounds PERFECT. Snuggly, cuddly. [i ended up going to bed at 9pm and slept all the through until 9am!!!!]

I worked a good bit on my fat exchanges online, making a list, finding it almost impossible to come up with equivalent calories and fat for different fat sources. But, here is the work i did do.

I tried to get everything to about 100 calories, but it was crazy amounts like .6 of a Tbsp of nutbutter. I'm going to continue to work on this and see if i can't really come up with usable amounts...such as 1/4 cup of cashew is equivalent to 2 Tbsp of nutbutter is equivalent to 1/2 avocado, etc.... I got tired and gave up.

I ate sooo many calories today, it's freaking me out, but not alot of fat. Let's see what the scale says tomorrow. [Well, i guess calories don't really matter....]!!!

xoxo michelle joy


Pat said...

8lbs. You go girl. I guess I shouldn't tell you now but I made the ice cream. Yummy Yummy for my tummy. I loved it!!

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Can't see the food log - the link just leads to sign in screen.

Anonymous said...

But I forgot to mention - on fitday you can add custom foods. So you can get the nutritional data from wherever you want and enter it. You usually put them in as a serving - so as long as your servings are a standard - like 1 tablespoon for nut butters, you can just say .6 servings or whatever.

Sorry if you already knew this.