Friday, August 21, 2009


Hiya Folks,

Just a short post for this morning. Pollen counts are very high here in Philadelphia. Grasses, Ragweed, and Mold. Mold is especially high.

Since going raw, i've stopped taking allergy pills, but occassionally return to having allergy symptoms. I suppose it depends on how 'clean' i am inside.

Now that my eating has been troublesome, I assumed all of this hoarseness was reflux.

It's not. It's my allergies. Just another symptom that my too heavy raw diet is not beneficial for me. Nevertheless, recognizing THIS as the main source of the hoarseness is actually comforting. I was wondering why on Wednesday when my food was good and i've been taking Betaine that i was still hoarse. Now it makes sense.

I'm thinking a juice or fruit fast would eliminate these symptoms.

Pray for me.

Off to go do some water walking.

xoxo michelle joy

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