Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Work Schedule

Morning, Folks,

It's Michelle here! Well, things are moving and shaking with the Beckwith event. We have a conference call with Beckwith's people this morning and should know more...if we are selected as the caterer...or if we are not. Cross your fingers!!

Time to go do the dishes! I was SOOOO tired last night, i just could NOT muster up the energy to do them.

Then we have the call.

Then i'm off to work! I'm now working on Weds instead of Tuesdays. It should be an easier day, less hours. Tuesdays are our late nights at Arnolds Way, but Megan, my coworker, had to switch days with me. I'm kind of looking forward to a shorter work day. Plus, opera rehearsals start on Tuesdays next week. This was kind of very "secret" how that all worked out.

I mentally practiced my opera for a 1/2 hour this morning.

No time for a walk just now. But i have my swimsuit and towels in the car if i would like to do a water walking session after work today!

I had a yummy strawberries 'n kreme shake for breakfast! Frozen strawberries, bananas, hemp seeds, water, agave. YUM!!!!

I'm doing NONI JUICE again to help with the allergies. My catering partner, Susan, SWEARS by the stuff and just so happens to be a NONI JUICE supplier. I bought 2 bottles from her yesterday.

Well, chickadees, that's it for now!


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Debbie said...

Hi Michelle-

Speaking of allergies, reading my latest post about them. I think I may be on to something! Even though you haven't been eating cooked, you've been eating a lot of processed foods that may be causing your allergies. Just a thought.