Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Images from Brad's Raw Chips Party!

Beautiful Megan dancing with Arnold! Megan is my coworker from Arnolds Way. We have SOO much fun together!! Megan will be leading a Women's Fullday Retreat next door to Arnolds Way at the Lansdale Performing Arts Center in Lansdale, PA in October. I may sing there and give a food prep class or something. Oh, also, check out Megan's facebook page by searching under Megan McDonnell in Facebook!

A Brad Sandwhich with Megan on the left and a really nice lady who Arnold shot a testimonial video with that evening...but i don't know her name!

An Audrey Hepburn moment...! Very reminiscent of "Breakfast at Tiffany's!"

HOT CHIPS with Megan and Angela!!! Angela is such a cool girl. She is one of Arnold's roommates. Angela is from Nigeria originally. She is in Medical School, studying to become a physician. She also works as a Lab technician at Merck. And with all of this tradtional Western medical training and employment, you would think Angela would be anti-raw food, but she is LOVING raw food, taking part in the fun raw food movement, and living with Arnold. Arnold says she is the BEST roommate. She gladly drinks the green smoothies he makes for her DAILY, and she loves them!!

Hello there! C'est moi, under an interesting sculpture at the R.A.T. Gallery in Gardenville, PA! It looks like it was made out of broken clay pots. We had such a fun time!

Michelle singing Brad's praises and getting a hug for it! I was groping a bag of chips and making up some kind of a jingle...when i was enveloped in his arms! Wowy Wee Wah!

Brad's sis, Pam. She's the owner of the R.A.T. Gallery. What a cool place! They have open mike night Thursday nights...i planned on going, but couldn't make it... Arnold said maybe he'd go with me next week! They also have yoga there twice a week. And a monthly raw potluck, and raw cooking classes. If you're interested in classes or functions at the R.A.T., contact Brad Gruno at!

A kiss for Brad's Chips and a hug for me! Brad's Chips are so good. You can order them from his website No, i am not getting a commission for all of this praise. it's totally earned and honest and spontaneous. I share what i love!!

Arnold LOVES Brad's Raw Chips! He keeps selling out!

Two icons of the Philadelphia area raw food world! Brad and Arnold! Can you feel the love?

Brad and Angela!

Bill and Megan! Bill is one of our favorite customers at Arnolds Way. He is never without his adorable corgy mix, Miko. Bill is into raw food and spirituality. He is such a great guy, we love him!

Well, as you can see, it was a fun time! I'll let you know when the next Brad's Raw Chips Event is, so that if you are in the area, you can make it. It is sure to be a fun time!

xoxox michelle joy

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