Sunday, August 30, 2009

A good day!


Beginning Raw Vegan Weight: 425 lbs

Beginning New Phase Date
: Saturday, Aug 29, 2009

Beginning Weight
: 266 3/4 lbs

Weight Today, Sunday, Aug 30
: 262 1/2

Loss since yesterday
: -4 1/4 lbs

Food Eaten Yesterday:
Alot of bananas, some agave, a little hemp seed, some oranges, alot of nectarines, Barley Max Green powdered drink, Noni juice

Exercise: 30 mins walk uphill


(fitday has no listing for hemp seeds, so i subbed sesame seeds)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Good morning, Ladies,

Man, it feels GOOD to be back. I feel like all i needed was a mental switch and yesterday was easy as pie. Like the old days.

It felt good to see the scale go down after one day.

It feels so good to be away from gourmet raw food today, too. Not that i don't miss it. I do. But, my belly is already flatter after one day. No dehydrated items or salty items and i already feel physically better. And i have no gas, and the reflux is getting better, too. So, i'm grateful for those positive consequences of saying goodbye to salt and high fat and dehydrated for only one day.

I pee peed alot yesterday, and didn't even drink all that much, which means i was simply letting go of alot of the fluid that i had been retaining. When we eat salt, we retain water. When i eat salt, i retain probably more water than the average person. I also probably overdo salt when i do it more than the average person. P.S. In case no one has noticed, uh, i'm not your average person! I'm just your average all or nothing excessive addict type. Over the past few days at work, i was attracted to the most highly salted items: seasoned nuts, mock cheddar cheese, jarred olives, over and over.

A friend from yesterday was noting that after doing a basically fruit diet...and THEN adding back some salt, she was sooooo parched. Yes, this IS what happens. I guess it should TELL us something, shouldn't it? After i had been gourmeting basically for the last two weeks, i stopped feeling that insane thirst. I think the body gets the message and is like, 'oh, okay, you're going to be eating salt daily.' When you don't...and then you do, you get the most awful parched mouth.

So, anyway, I let go of 4 lbs of water in just one day. wow.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It seems I ate over 2500 cals yesterday and 20% fat, from just fruit and a little hemp. That's a little disconcerting. Those two huge banana whips i ate last night contributed lots of calories and at least 7% fat to my day. The truth is, when i ate them, i wasn't necessarily hungry, i really wasn't. I just wanted something GOOD! I was just seeking excitotoxins, i suppose!!! Cacao is an excitotoxin. (See Graham's videos below!)

In actuality, 20% fat was a number i was mulling over as a limit for myself in this new phase: I can always reduce it. I may run into candida issues again if i do not lower it, according to Doug Graham, that is, if i keep a high fruit diet.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here are a few new videos for fans of Doug Graham. (I can't say i'm a fan of his, but everyone and their neighbor's cousin is practicing 80-10-10 at Arnolds Way...and well, it looks like i've sort of....joined the crowd again!)

Dr. Douglas Graham on Candida Part 1

Dr. Douglas Graham on Candida Part 2

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I hope to up my greens. Yesterday i had none, but at least i'm doing a green juice of sorts now! It is powdered, but a very powerful supplement that i've used before with great results. Here's some info on Barley Max.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For my new plan - I would actually really like to create a Weight Watchers type plan with exchanges for fat - like i would get 1 or 2 fat points a day and 1 fat point would be 1 tbsp of hemp or 1 tbsp of nut butter or 1/4 cup nuts, or 2 Tbsp coconut flakes, etc... I would like to figure out equivalent fat amounts for lots of items. I don't do the fitday generally until the end of the day so need some way of figuring the fat during the day. It will also help me to control the fat, so i don't overdo it in the morning on a shake, if i know i want a salad later with tahini dressing...

I'm also mulling over adding in one treat once a week, a gourmet meal out or a snack item. It would be cool to make a list of gourmet foods i like and allow myself one a week, but it would most definitely need to be severely controlled. Don't know if i could accomplish that, but i would like it, and it would lessen the binge eating, i think. Or would it exacerbate it? Oh, god. I'll figure this thing out.

Well, it was a good day yesterday. That's good enough for me!

xoxox michelle joy

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Anonymous said...

Can you tell me does the Barley Max taste okay? I have been pondering getting some since I saw the Raw Food Truckdriver speak of it.