Thursday, August 6, 2009


Hiya Folks,

Back home after 5 days in Ohio! We had a 10 hour car ride home yesterday, but i'm well rested and ready to face the day! We have a busy ahead of us, visiting both of our parents and doing some thrift favorite!

I was THRILLED to see i weighed 253.5 this morning. I put the scale all the way up to 270 and just kept going down and down and down and down...oh my god. i'm so excited. That's after a vacation, after eating that whole block of cheese, plus I had that gourmet meal i made with the mustard sisters and other gourmet meals with our friends Debbie and Ken, at least two. Plus, i used up like 3/4 of a huge container of agave. I really thought i gained bigtime. I also had those two spaghetti's at the 2nd street market.

I didn't gain too much. I didn't. What a crazy girl i am. Distorted thinking!!!

This really goes to show that eating disorder girls THINKING can not really be trusted. We have to keep having experiences like this. Keep LEARNING to trust. Keep getting confirmation that we are on the right track.

Not weighing daily was...liberating...but fearful. But NOW, I'm just bowled over. I didn't gain much! I listened to myself as good as i could...and maybe i should keep doing this!!!! Keep just listening to myself, eat a little gourmet daily, don't weigh weekly, exercise alot and just go with THIS. i'm so much HAPPIER. No more dieting. Just living. Wow!!!

You know what i think really saved me? We exercised aLOT!!!! Disk Golf twice, long walks several times, plus walking the dog, Walter is so cute, ruff ruff, we miss him already. I walked 3 miles yesterday too.

I've been taking the Betaine HCL so no yeast infections yet since the last one, at least 2 or 3 weeks ago, that is friggin' fabulous, too. What could be better??? Eat some fat and don't itch. Hello, i LOVE it!!!

I'm also not that bloated. I think my body has actually ADJUSTED to the salt intake now since i've been eating it daily for about a week. Wow. Maybe i should forget about giving up salt. How un80-10-10ish of me!!!! Dare i????

Yesterday on the ride home, i made myself the most awesome salad at a rest stop. Fresh spinah, raw spicy sauerkraut with garlic, celtic salt, grapeseed oil, vinegar, agave, hemp seeds. AWESOME. Thought i'd gain BIGTIME from the salt and the oil. Hmpf. I LOVE this.

Thinking about the week away, i had the perfect blend of 80-10-10 and gourmet. I ate fruit for breakfast usually, then make a huge green smoothie which i ate for brunch and lunch, lots of fruit, and then gourmet for dinner, which wasn't even that fattening, now that i see i didn't gain that much!!! You know what, i ate ALOT of nuts, too!

Also, i used those germinated soaked nuts. Do you think that helped?? Germinated soaked and dehydrated nuts have 40% LESS FAT than regular raw nuts. I actually think that might have helped...i'm stoked to go soak a ton of nuts, dry them and use only them. why eat 40% more fat if i don't have to????

Man, oh, Manischewitz, am i THRILLED!!!

Now, i wish i would have written down everything i ate while on vacation!!! rats...! But i think the exercise was the big key. That disk golf is some hell of a fullbody workout.

xoxox love michelle

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