Friday, August 14, 2009

Betaine HCL and Happy to Reconnect with YOU!!!

Good morning, Ladies,

How are you all?

Here's me in my car the other day.

Oh, you can see my bad eye in this pic. I'm legally blind in my left eye (on your right in this pic) and i've had surgeries to straighten the eye, but the last surgery made my eye stick out further. It really upsets me. Hopefully, some day i can get it corrected. I try not to think about it too much.

Cliff is still asleep and i head off to work soon. It is so ooky outside, the weather in Philly has been awful for days. Perhaps i will take a walk anyway. My right knee has been bothering me, because i have not walked in about 3 or 4 days. I've been overwhelmed, busy, but mostly, unmotivated. Walking is the kind of thing no one wants to do. The thing about walking is, though, that the more you DO do it, the more you WANT to do it and FEEL like doing it and ENJOY it. My friend, Susan, said something the other day about how doing exercise is so amazing because the more you do, the more energy you have and the more you want to do. It is so true. Plus, everything works better when we exercise. Digestion, for one. Weight loss, for another. When we have and retain more muscle mass, we can eat more, because our bodies become 'better butter burners'. I'm gonna go walk. I've kinda hyped myself and got myself excited for it. I need it.


Work yesterday was not great, foodwise. There is still no return of the panic-laden, frantic, anxious binge eating, thank god, but i did not sit for my meals, snacked somewhat, ate when i wasn't hungry, and ate some nama shoyu.

(I try to avoid because of the astronomical sodium content and the wheat. It tends to blow me up. 1 tsp of nama shoyu has almost 1000 mg of sodium, compared to 2 Tbsp of nutritional yeast which have 5 mg of sodium.)


I also felt a return of some negative food voices in my head, which i've not encountered for a while and it disturbed me. I don't know exactly what i heard in my head but it was something like it was bad for me to be eating so much and that i'm hopeless or something. I haven't been feeling that way lately so it was really startling to feel/hear that voice again.

I suppose all in all, if we don't keep our eating habits in check, they degrade and bad habits return. Negative self talk is one of the bad habits associated with food that will sneak up on you if you don't keep it in check.

My goal at work today is to eat when i'm hungry, enjoy my meals seated, not snack (eating standing for pleasure or to get rid of something...just throw it out), and feel good about me and food. Rome wasn't built in a day and everyone is going to have setbacks now and again. We work our way through. We learn. We move on.

My dear friend and beloved coworker, Megan, is really into the Secret now. What a little blessing she is. I just love my "Megabites"! She reminded me yesterday the power of the spoken word. We have to say positive things to ourselves to acheive positive things. RIGHT ON MEGABITES!!! I'm excited I get to work with Megan today. We can work on attracting good things into our lives today with positive talk and energy! Megan wantst to lead a monthly Secret class at her apartment in Perkasie. I'll be there!!!


I've not weighed myself this week yet, i will on Tuesday, but my face looks a little bloated. I've not been walking. You know how these things go. When it's all working, it's all working. When things start to slip, they start to slip. Time to get back on the program! Walking, better eating habits all contribute to weight loss or to just maintaining my weight. As Martha says, "It's a good thing!"


I've continued the Betaine HCL, and even talked with a customer, Jayne, about it yesterday. It's like the magic cure for me. I'd read about it in Victoria Boutenko's book, "Green for Life." She mentioned that if you experience hairloss, brittle nails...and something may have what is referred to as "LOW STOMACH ACID." Meaning, your stomach acid is weak and not potent enough to digest your food, meaning you don't get enough nutrition...and hair and nails will be an issue. She suggests taking Betaine HCL and if there is improvement, sticking with it, and also drinking green smoothies and juices.

Well, since i've always had thinning hair since high school, this really perked up my ears. I began taking it when i was in the midst of suffering for over a year, probably closer to a year and a half with the most painful hemmorhoids i developed immediately after going raw and which plagued for the first year and a half of being raw. I think it may have been a detox symptom, not sure, or just an inability to digest heavier raw foods.

So, I began to take the Betaine for the thinning hair...and wouldn't you know it, within 30 minutes, i kid you not, the hemmorhoid pain, which had plaqued me daily and sometimes so excruciating i had to take a pain reliever for it, magically dissappeared. I was eating a lot of nuts at the time, and really doing compulsive snacking at Arnolds Way. That is so bad for the digestion. And obviously, supplementing with a powerful enzyme, like Betaine, raised the level of my weak stomach acid so that i could digest the heavy foods (nuts, raw bread) i was snacking on continually. How this affected a hemmorhoid...or the pain it caused, i do not understand. But obviously, the hemmorhoid was related to my inability to digest what i was overeating.

So, to this day, i will take Betaine whenever i eat something nutty or fatty and it helps me digest. Well, i'll forget for a while...and stop. But i usually find myself running back. I know again it's working because i no longer have any hemmorhoids or hemmorhoid pain, thank god, which can flare up if i overeat nuts and don't take it, and i don't wake up with terrible reflux laryngitis if i overeat nuts like i do if i don't take it, and i'm not getting the yeast infections anymore, thank god. I never really put 2 and 2 together about the yeast infections. But, it's helping that, removing that, too.

I guess the problem is essentially overeating nuts and if i didn't do that i wouldn't need the supplement. But, oh, well, i'm not quite there yet. Like I said, Rome was not built in a day.

But, i mean, on a practical level of helping all of these issues, can you say MAGIC CURE ALL????
Here's an interesting article if you'd like to read more about Betaine HcL.

You can find it at Whole Foods and most Health Food stores. The article explains how to take Betaine. I have experienced burning in my stomach upon taking it, when i first started, but i continued and jeez, sometimes i take 2 or 3 times the final suggested dose mentioned in the article.

It might be something that could work for you. It's mentioned in some other articles that Betaine HCL is helpful for candida (it is!) and for protein and fat digestion. HELLO!!!

Well, i suppose if i'm going to, i'd better get going on my walkies, but i'm not too thrilled about it, because it looks like pea soup out there, really foggy misty humid warm weather. argh. wish me luck.


You know, I'm happy to connect with you again on this level. I miss you when i don't get a chance to purge my soul about how my food and weight are doing. It feeds me to connect in this way and helps me stay on track. i'd love to hear from you. Some of you, i really miss. Shawna1707 moved to a new apartment...and we've lost touch since. If you are reading my dear, please check in, i miss you!

Blessings on your journey, and please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance.

xoxox michelle joy

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harmonious1 said...

Well I found your blog during research on HCl, but I have to tell you this before I even read the rest of your post: As soon as I saw the picture, I exclaimed, "What a pretty face! and such a sweet smile!", then I read the part about your eye. You feel self-conscious about it, but, imo, you really don't have to.