Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A day in the life of an opera singing raw chef

Hiya, Ladies,

Hope you are all well.

Yesterday was a big day. A great day, actually.

My friend, Susan, and I had the catering tasting at Arnolds Way for the Micheal Bernard Beckwith talk here in Philly on Sept. 18th. It went really really well. The two really nice young ladies, Rachel and Carolyn, representatives from the committee creating the event, who came and tasted the raw hors d'euvres Susan and I prepared, were so sweet, and so excited about so many items, that we really felt good and hopeful we will be selected as the caterers for the event. (Rachel and Carolyn particularly flipped for my pesto pizza and for Susan's key lime mousse).

There is one other caterer, however, that they going to do a tasting with, and then they will make a decision.

Please cross your fingers, pray...and hope...and work the secret that we get this gig!

I've also asked to sing at the event. Rachel has promised to allow me to audition for her when we get together to see the church where Michael will talk. I hope this can happen, the audition. Carolyn assured me even if there was no time for me to sing at the event, they would keep me in mind for other events. But, it sure would be so amazing if i could sing at the event and get exposure with a personality like Micheal Bernard Beckwith.

There is word that Micheal may open an Agape Church East here in Philadelphia. Wow, i would really LOVE to be a singer at this worship center! So, if he really liked me...., who knows???

~ ~ ~ ~

I got my period yesterday morning. My cramps are not really bad at all, so that's a relief. I think that Betaine HCL is helping me tremendously. I guess just helping me digest my food better helps overall with period cramps, etc...

[this morning, thursday, i woke up stuffed up and sneezy. yesterday i ate nuts and was so busy i forgot to take betaine Hcl all day. pretty amazing the difference when i take it and when i don't. now i'm having symptoms more typical for after eating nuts and dairy, although i had no raw dairy yesterday. With the betaine, i suffer no symptoms like this].

I didn't eat much today, either. i was too busy with the tasting, got to Arnolds Way at 7:30a.m. and didn't leave until after 3pm.

I finally told Cliff and a coworker about the raw cheese. Um, they were concerned!!!!! Wonder if i'm doing a baddy baddy. Cliff is scared i'll start gaining and craving cooked foods.

I paid my bills tonight. That's a relief, though i had to borrow some money. I'm hurting for money. I think it's time to teach some more classes at Arnolds Way!

I'm due to sing in an opera in a few weeks. I've sung the role before "Donna Anna" in Mozart's opera "Don Giovanni," so i'm not freaking out completely, but i have alot to review in the next two weeks. Wish me luck!!!

I am feeling quite overwhelmed actually. Between this whole catering gig (we had so much prep work), a funeral yesterday, just so much going on, friends wanting to make dates, laundry, my mother needing me, Cliff's mom needing visits, i just feel like i'm being pulled in so many directions. Life is a challenge.

I was supposed to create a singing website. i haven't done it yet. But i've been busy. And have so many projects in motion.

Susan wants to write a raw cookbook with me, that's great, but i have other unfinished projects i have got to get finished before I start a new one.

The house repairs and renovations have stalled.

Much love to you all,
xoxo michelle joy

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