Saturday, August 8, 2009

How to Travel RAW...Part 2!!!

Good morning, Chickadees!!!

Takin' a day trip?

1) Before you leave, pack your big red 'Igloo' full of glorious raw food!

- peaches
- plums
- grapes
- bananas
- any kind of fruit and a LOT of it!
- veggies galore: celery, cucumber, carrot sticks!
- a big container of organic spring greens
- dressing supplies (olive oil, agave, celtic salt, raw apple cider vinegar or lemon)
- raw sauerkraut
- raw string beans for snacking
- gorgeous home grown tomatoes
- cobs of fresh corn
- blue freezer packs
- water

2) Always bring more than you think you may need. Better to have too much than not enough!

3) Face the 'Igloo' toward you in the backseat of the car, so it's easy to just grab a peach or a plum...whenever, on the road!

4) Always take a big bowl or two, forks, a knife, papertowels.

5) Take a 2 oz bag of 'Brads Raw Chips'!!!!! you don't feel totally deprived, should you need a little crunch when you get hungry again!

6) Leave some room in your 'Igloo' should you encounter a farmers market or organic farm!!!! Gladly stock up on frozen hunks of grass fed organic no steroid/hormone meat, and poultry, and green, blue and brown eggs layed yesterday....for your non-raw man!

7) Eat salads in your car while passers by at the park look at you funny because you have odd food items haphazardly displayed all over your dashboard!

8) Enjoy the simple things of a pretty little purple flower that your beloved plucked for you from the side of the road...and presented to you, accompanied by a kiss!

9) Walk your butt off!

10) Find a cave and go spalunking!

11) Take in all of the beautiful scenes at the park, enjoy life, feel good! Go to the water, feel the sun on your shoulders, breath in the clean air, be in nature, be in love. Bliss!

12) Comfort a stranger who trips on the street back in town. Laugh and connect. Life is too short to let little sweet moments pass between strangers unnoticed and unappreciated. Snap her picture when you see her again!

13) Discover...simply awed at amazed...that she was no mere stranger after all, but actually a raw angel, one of God's messengers. Blink alot in awe and feel the joy as you greet her again at the watermelon stand at the faire where she is working. How is it that just when you were hungry and looking for something good to eat...this little raw angel leads the way to the LIVING WATERMELON? Sometimes God DOES work in strange ways! If we are in tune...He will guide and lead us! Notice how the sign says, "Living"! Wow! Just the word a raw foodist wants to see! Perhaps it was a play on words of God's "Living Water...melon!"

14) Bypass all of the french fry, cotton candy, kettlecorn stands at the faire without resentment or fear. But, sniff in the wondrous scents and say, "ahhh!" It's enough now to use your sniffer enjoy cooked foods!

15) Eat lots of watermelon...!

16). Give thanks for God's blessings!

xoxox, michelle joy

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