Thursday, August 6, 2009

An Evening With Michael Phila...Sept 18!

Hello, all!

Michael Beckwith is coming to Philadelphia to speak on Sept 18th!

Click here for the details! Please consider attending if you are in the Philadelphia area!!!


............ME!!!!! :-)))))))))


Well, it's not actually confirmed yet...but i KNOW the universe will respond!

Susan and I have a tasting set up with the woman in charge of planning the event this coming Wednesday. And as far as we know, we are the only caterers in the running!

Michael Beckwith is a raw foodist and sought out raw food catering. So, HELLO!!!!!! Stardom calling! I'll be there! Wowy Wowy Wee Wah!!!

I visited Michael's church when i was a guest worker at the raw retreat (Optimum Health Institute) in San Diego. All of the guest workers drove down to LA for a fabulous experience of the interreligious spiritual inspiring service followed by a raw meal right outside the doors of the church! Right on the church property are food kiosks set up, so churchgoers can purchase lunch after church and commune.

Wouldn't you know, there is a fabulous RAW kiosk set up out there, too??????!!!!! AWESOME!!! We had amazing salads with plops of yummi nutmeat, coleslaw and some other fabu raw things i don't recall. But i know they were good!!! Dessert was awesome too! I remember THAT!!

So, flash forward to Philly on Sept 18th...and the reception for Michael's event will be all RAW care of Ms. Michelle Joy...and the lovely beautiful Susan Aman!!!!

Wish us luck!!! The tasting is Wed, so we have a lot to plan and get together to make the tasting a success. Aw, heck, once she tastes what we make....we'll be a shoe in!!!

Here is the tasting menu, so far:

  • mini chili cilantro nutmeat collard wraps

  • walnut herb pate stuffed mushrooms

  • 'toona' stuffed celery boats

  • cucumber rings with dilly 'salmon' mousse

  • lemon ginger cabbage carrot slaw

  • thai lemonade

  • cabbage spring rolls with fig kuli

  • unnamed dish using mexican chocolate mole sauce...susan's specialty!!!!

  • key lime mousse

  • chocolate bliss balls

And if i can arrange it, and the stars are in alignment, I will be singing at this event as well!!! PRAY PRAY PRAY!!!!!

xoxox michelle joy

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