Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Singin' in the rain!

Good morning, fine ladies,

It's raining again, hard, in Philadelphia. How's the weather by you? Raining dollar bills like it does in philly?

This afternoon I have my last retirement home concert of this season... It's been nice, i'll miss them, but Christmas will be here soon and i'll be singing then!

The retirement homes hire in January and make dates many many months out. Alex and i had 3 homes just this past week. Now that we are through, we'll send out our flyers again soon for next season in the hopes of being re-hired by the homes we have sung for already, and in the hopes of enticing new homes to hire us. We've gotten terrific feedback, quotes and recommendations, so things should get more on a roll next season, as they did this one, compared to the previous. The more the homes know other homes liked you, the more they hire you.

Today we perform our show "From Opera To Broadway" at the Abramson Center on Horsham Road. I'll make a little extra money, and make some nice old folks happy :-))

I've not been walking much, although i had a half hour walk yesterday with Cliff in the Valley Forge Park. We were bird and wildlife watching and saw a red headed woodpecker and blue birds and at least 20 deer, including several big bucks with full racks. It felt good to stretch my legs a bit, but i didn't feel that well yesterday. I think it was a bit of detox.

Yesterday I followed through on my plan for this week and I ate no salt 80-10-10 to help me in losing a few pounds this week so that my masquerade ball gown, which i'd like to wear for Halloween, fits me better. I could wear another gown that is too big, but want to wear my new white and red one, that's just a little snug. It's a good goal, it matches my new mask and i feel pretty in it! Did you see my pics from yesterday wearing a trashbag on my head? It will look much better with my beautiful feathery masquerade mask and a beautiful red shawl and some pearls!

Bringing in another $350 for the Halloween singing will be wonderful, not to mention getting paid to sing today! Dollar bills raining from the sky! My intention is to sing as much as i can! I know the universe hears that....and makes it happen!! I know i'm talented in raw food, but i think my greatest talent and pleasure lies in singing.

And singing is getting easier and easier with my new technique. I also know that changing teachers opened a door in the universe for me. I know my intention to improve will shift everything and more and more jobs will fall from the sky!

I weighed myself this morning and was pleased to see i weigh 258. That's very good for me! But, i'm concerned i'm losing muscle mass as i haven't been walking this week much. It's been raining quite a bit and i haven't gone to the gym. Perhaps i will pack a gym bag so that i can go to the gym after my concert today. That would certainly feel nice. A nice swim, a dip in the sauna or a water walk or a walk on the treadmill. Good idea.

I'll continue on in my 'www.breakingfreeprogram.com' as i have been, but can't this morning. Time to go warm up vocally for my show today!

Wish me luck!
xoxox michelle joy

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