Tuesday, October 13, 2009



By Chefs Susan Aman and Michelle Schulman
of “Mostly Raw Catering”!

Available just in time to order for HALLOWEEN, THANKSGIVING, CHRISTMAS, HANNUKAH and all of your get-togethers! Our party trays make a wonderful addition to your party. Enjoy your favorite living foods with your friends, family and co-workers. They’ll love the wonderful tastes of gourmet LIVING-FOODS!

* Please order one week in advance of your party. *

CONTACT INFO: “Mostly Raw Catering”
Susan Aman - 215-822-2626 SusanAman@comcast.net or
Michelle Schulman - 215-487-7927 LaSoprana@aol.com

*THE BIG NOSHER*: Your choice of 2 Pates, served with savory Buckwheat Flax Crackers, fresh Vegetable Crudités with creamy Thai dip, and assorted fruit!
Choose from:
- Toona
- Chick-un Salad
- Toorkey Salad
- Middle Eastern Hummus
- Spicy Red Pepper Cheeze
- Southwestern Chili Cilantro Dip
- Creamy 3 Herb Pine Nut Pesto Dip
- Walnut Herb Dip
- Tandoori Pistachio Dip

*THE BIG DIPPER*: Fresh Crisp Vegetable Crudités, Rainbow Cabbage Rolls, creamy Thai dip, succulent Fruit Skewers, and a decadent raw Chocolate dip!

*THE MINI PIZZA PARTY*: Entice your guests with assorted raw mini Pizzas - Pesto, Marinara, Thai, Southwestern and savory Olive Tapenade varieties! Served on raw Flax Buckwheat crusts, topped with assorted chopped vegetables!

*ITS A WRAP!*: Southwestern Nutmeat Collard Rolls, Hummus Collard Wraps, ‘Rainbow’ Veggie Cabbage Rolls with Thai Dip or Ginger Fig Sauce!

*THE STOCKING STUFFER*: Herb Pate Stuffed Crimini Mushrooms, Macadamia Pesto Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes, Toona Celery "Boats" and Stuffed Lemon Vanilla Kreme Dates!

*SUPREME SALADS*: A trio of savory scrumptious salads! Thai Broccoli Salad, Garlic Black Bean Salad (vegan, not raw) and Carrot Beet Cabbage Slaw!


*THE SWEET BITES*: Choose from two of our decadent little sweet treats: Chocolate Bliss Balls, Coconut Goji Balls, Baklava Stuffed Dates, Vanilla Lemon Kreme Stuffed Dates or Cranberry Pistachio Rolls!

*SWEET DECADENCE*: Choose two from our assortment of single serve decadent little Tartlettes! Bliss Berry Parfait, Key Lime, Pumpkin, Pecan, Chocolate Mousse, or NY Style Cheezecake.

*SUBLIME SWEETNESS LIVING PIES*: SO delicious, so rich and decadent, no one will even know they are raw! Our flavors will delight you and tantalize your guests!
- Chocolate Mousse with Coconut Cashew Crust
- Bliss Berry with Chocolate Drizzle
- Key Lime with Macadamia Crust
- Pumpkin Pie
- Pecan Pie
- NY Style Cheezecake

For INFO, Pricing, Pick up or Delivery Options, Contact:
Susan Aman 215-822-2626 SusanAman@comcast.net or
Michelle Schulman 215-487-7927 LaSoprana@aol.com

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