Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Plan!


Cliff and I took some sweet wedding inspired photos in my new gown. I found this beautiful "David's Bridal" white gown with red ribbons at the Salvation Army for 13$ in my size! Was it a coincidence or fate that my shopping cart stopped wheeling, inexplicably, right in front of the gown? I asked the universe if there was something it was telling me to purchase. Lo and behold, a size 20 gown that fit me perfectly, well, a little snugly, was right in front of my eyes. In these pictures i have a supermarket grocery bag on my head and i'm holding plastic flowers :-))) But, I figured i could wear it as possible concert attire some day or as my own wedding gown, should Cliff and i take our 10 year relationship + 2 year engagement to the next level. For 13$ i couldn't pass it up.

Turns out i will be wearing this gown much sooner than i could have imagined! I was hired to sing at a Halloween Party this coming Saturday for $350, yay! I purchased a beautiful red masquerade mask and a lovely red shawl to complete my singing wardrobe! I'll be entertaining at a masquerade party in center city philadelphia, the rittenhouse square section. Very ritzy! I can't wait to show you my outfit when it is complete, no trashbag included. I sang for the family yesterday and all is a go!

The gown is actually a little snug on me, so I am going to cut way back on the salt, the fat, the dehydrated goodies, the nuts and have a "recovery" week like i used to have. I think i will feel more comfortable in the gown if it is not so snug. I plan to exercise daily, as well.

Wishing you a wonderful day!
xoxox michelle

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