Saturday, October 17, 2009


Hiya Folks,

Good Saturday morning to you on this rainy, rainy day.

I just added two blog entries below from Tues and Wed that i had not published, accidentally. My catering partner and I are offering living foods holiday trays to the Philadelphia area and a new recipe for "creamy vodka sauce" on spaghetti. It was so good! I hope you'll check those entries out.

Today Cliff and I have plans with some musician friends of ours who are having a house party/open mike night. I plan on singing 4 or 5 songs and Cliff will play the piano, perhaps a Chopin prelude or something lovely. My friends will sing and tell stories and recite poetry. It promises to be an old fashioned night of fun and entertainment.

I'm bringing some of my raw walnut toona with raw curry crackers and a raw chocolate "brownie" with creamy fudge frosting. I'm excited about sharing my raw creations with some new and old friends.

I joined an online program for stopping binge eating called "The Breakaway Program"
( especially dedicated for people with binge eating disorder. I'd say it's safe to say this program is PERFECT for me!!!! I will continue to update you on my progress!

I had a great raw day yesterday eating raw and am enjoying a delicious green smoothie now I'm calling CELERY SURPRISE: 1 smal head celery, 1 cup spinach, 2 cups green grapes, 6 bananas, agave, vanilla, water. Delish!

I can't lie...i had thoughts about that fabulous cooked vegetarian meal at "Govindas" downtown in Philadelphia. How nice to be able to have a "normal" meal with my aunt. The only problem is, my thoughts consist of going down to Govinda's and ordering 6 to-go meals and eating them all in the car.

Sue me, but I don't even intellectually think there is ANYTHING wrong with cooked veggies and wheatmeat.

I never DID eat raw food for any other reason than to lose weightp and control my eating. It's not for any other reason. Cooked vegan meals are low in calories and can be a healthy part of a person's life. Look at the Hallelujah Acres diet. 85% raw, 15% cooked. They all heal themselves from cancer, but get to have some cooked veggies every once in a while. However, yes, i know, the truth of the matter is, i don't really have the skill to indulge in that right now without flying out of control and eating other dangerous cooked things, like bread and butter, 10 peices in a row.

I know it's hard to believe with my constant reports of out of control eating, but my eating is like 10 billion times better than it used to be, and raw living foods have radically helped me to control my food intake and control my out of control weight issue. So, thinking about cooked veggies seems...criminal.

However, yes, i'm saying this, if i could learn to eat some cooked veggies without binge eating, i'd be open to it. That's a little bit of a frightening thought, but i can't lie. I have it. I can't help it. That meal at Govinda's was so good. What was really wrong with it? It was really only MY reaction to it that was the issue.

Nevertheless, Cliff, my partner, and I decided i would commit again to all raw, which i have done, and i feel "safe" and back home for it. And i've been doing very well.

The Breakaway Program, however, promises to help you heal your binge eating problem no matter what food you eat.

Well, that is a tantalizing proposition.

Too frightening to consider changing my course of action for right now, but, i can't help that it's a thought. I'm not saying i'll go back to meat. But a little cooked veggies here and there? Heaven.

Don't be scared for me. I'm fine for today. Just considering the possibilities in the future.

xoxox, michelle joy

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