Sunday, October 25, 2009

Life is!


Whew, that picture of me was frightening, but it made the point. From horrendous to fabulous with just the flick of a switch!!! How we think changes everything.

Mmmm...I just had a bowl of chocolate deliciousness for breakfasst this morning. Sometimes I wake up and just want something 'good.' Cacao, bananas, cashew butter, agave, vanilla, icecubes whipped up in the vitamix? Sounds like breakfast to me. Ahhh, that was so good. It's technically a smoothie, but i like to spoon it to my mouth from a bowl. Like melted Breyer's chocolate icecream.

I've been busy the last few days. I worked all day Friday. And Saturday had a singing lesson with my new teacher, who is very pleased with my progress. Then i met my mom at the movies for the Metropolitan Opera simulcast of Aida. I enjoyed it very much! Do you know about these simulcasts? It's better than being at the opera live! We see Turandot next and then Tales of Hoffman. The audience is filled with geriatrics and you have to get there to save a seat 2 hours before 'showtime', but they let you bring picnic baskets into the theater. Everyone is eating their own stuff sitting at the movie theater. It's a hoot. Of course, i noshed on avocado and apples and salad.

After that, i helped my mommy with her makeup and glamorized her for a party out. I did some work on the computer and then headed home, just missing a torrential downpour.

This morning, i read about 10 chapters of 'Devil Bones', one of the Temperance Brennan novels. I can't put it down! I have an audition to sing at a Halloween Party this morning and then I'm off to downtown Phila with Cliff. Just getting ready to go back in the kitchen to vocalize. Wish me luck! It's a masquerade party and the hosts would like an opera sing to sing throughout the evening. With any luck, that will be ME!

So, this is a day in the life of an opera singing raw foodist!

Have a wonderful day!
xoxoxoxo michelle joy

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