Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A good day!

Hiya Folks,

I had such a lovely day today.

I did dishes and vocalized this morning and then had a singing lesson with my new teacher, Dolores. Dolores is the widow of the late esteemed Philadelphia composer, Romeo Cascarino. Dolores is a professional opera singer and recitalist who i have known for years. Why i never went to her sooner, i just don't know. I am making such progress in my lessons with her. It feels absolutely marvelous to sing with more freedom, more ease, better tone quality, less tension. It feels like flying! It is pure raw joy!

I took a walk in the afternoon, at least 4 miles total, up up up hill to the supermarket to deposit some money in the bank there, then i stopped for an herbal tea, headed to blockbuster and then downhill to Salvation Army and then even more down down downhill to home. God, that felt GOOD! WHY take the car to do errands when you can WALK??? I felt so fresh, like i could have even walked longer. But now that i am home, i admit, i'm getting a little sleepy from my walk!

Walking is SO GOOD. Do you do it? The more you move your body, the more your body wants to move and your legs start speaking to you, "I need a walk!" The more you walk, also, the stronger and stronger you get, and walking becomes a joy instead of a struggle. MOBILITY is a pure raw joy!!!

I had several green smoothies today, actually three times! For breakfast i had romaine/banana/mango. For a snack i had the leftover of that shake. But, for a pre-dinner i had the best one of all: romaine/green grapes/banana. THAT was outstanding! Romaine doesn't produce the best tasting shakes in my opinion, however, the combo with the green grapes really made the romaine taste refreshing. I always add a little agave, so it was tart and sweet all at once. YUM!

For dinner, i had a yum salad of romaine/red onion/thin zucchini rounds/crunchy sprouts with a simple dressing of dijon mustard, olive oil, raw apple cider vinegar, onion powder and garlic powder, celtic salt, nutritional yeast, agave and black pepper. YUMMO!

Tonight Cliff and I will watch the documentary of Mike Tyson entitled, " TYSON." Did you see Mike Tyson interviewed on Oprah yesterday? It was actually very inspiring to me. As a fellow addict (for me, it's FOOD), i really related to Tyson's pain, to his newfound honesty, to his new freedom in recovery, which paradoxically comes from restricting himself from certain behaviors (womanizing, drugs, alcohol). Yes, there is joy and freedom in sacrifice. As a raw foodist, i can say this is most definitely true.

If you can get to watch the interview with Oprah online, i would, especially if you gel with that addict mentality like i do.

xoxo michelle joy

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