Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Hi Folks,

I had a good day at work yesterday.

I have really good news. I joined an online program to stop binge eating called "The Breakaway Program" expressly dedicated to people suffering from Binge Eating Disorder. I'm really excited about it and think this program will be the answer to all of my prayers. I will be updating you on my progress. Yay!

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Here is a post i meant to send the other night.

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I continue to be amazed at the fantastical flavorful outcome of using ginger and onion as secondary 'spicy' elements in raw food prep.

I just made a 'creamy' tomato sauce that was so flavorful and, damn, if it was not completely reminiscent of "creamy vodka" sauce, you can call me a monkey's uncle! Creamy vodka sauce is a cooked tomato sauce, spicy with red pepper, peppery from vodka and creamy from cream. My raw version was completely just as satisfying as it's cooked counterpart, due to the ginger in the dish, which was absolutely undetectable, and the onion and jalapeno, undetectable, yet, these elements simply imparted complex layers of 'spice'. All of that complexity and the bright zing of lemon lent the sauce it's 'vodka' touch...amazing!!!!

I didn't set out to make creamy vodka sauce, because if i HAD, i would NOT have put ginger and jalapeno in it. I mean, that's NUTS! BUT, it WORKED!!!! I inadvertently created a sauce with all of the creaminess, spicyness and sharpness and brightness of a delicious creamy vodka sauce.

Call me crazy, but raw food prep continues to amaze me. The ingredients in a dish don't necessary make 'sense'....but they just WORK as long as you include at least one element each of the 5 flavors. Make raw food this way and you will NEVER be sorry.

This makes one BIG PURE JOY serving, or two smaller ones.

1 large zucchini - Spiralize and set aside to come to room temperature.

TIP: Take your squash and sauce veggies out of the fridge several hours before preparing, so the dish is not COLD, but room temp. October is too cold for cold spaghetti now!

In the cuisinart with s blade, create sauce to be poured over spaghetti:
3 red vine ripened tomatoes, cut in half
juice of 1/2 lemon
3 small garlic cloves
small slice ginger
2 tbsp red onion
dried basil 1 tbsp
2 small handfuls cashews, raw
2-3 Tbsp olive oil
1/2 tsp or more of celtic salt
1/2 tsp agave
1 small slice fresh jalapeno
3 small sun dried tomatoes (use the dark brown ones, without citric acid)

Process sauce until very smooth. You may leave it whirring a few minutes until it is slightly warm. Pour over spaghetti in a bowl. OPTIONAL: Drizzle olive oil over dish, if desired and sprinkle with raw parmesan cheeze: 1 tsp of hemp seed and 1 tsp of nutritional yeast.

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WALK: I went for another giant walk today, so much uphill, even 5 flights of stairs, so i earned this decadent lunch!!!!!

xoxox michelle joy

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