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Meet Meredith Frantz of ""!!!


If you have never met my friend, Meredith Frantz before, you are in for a treat.

I met Meredith while she and her husband were living in Philadelphia and visited Arnolds Way for dinner one evening. They so loved a 'chick-un' wrap i prepared for them that they signed up for private un-cooking classes in their home.

We had so much fun preparing food together!!!

I imparted to Meredith and Dustin the 'secret' of the 5-tastes: salty, sweet, spicy, sour and bitter. If you are making a savory raw dish and add those 5 flavors to the dish, in a balance that works, it will always, always taste delicious. I don't talk about this much, but suppose i should in future blogs!

Nevertheless, Meredith took this concept and RAN. She ran straight to the refridge, to the dehydrator using an AMAZINGLY CREATIVE MIND...TRULY create some blind blowing treats for me to sample the next time i came. Meredith freed herself from the need to use raw cookbooks. Once you understand the concept, there is no longer any need.

Every dish she made 'kaplowied' in my mouth and i humbly admitted, 'the student has surpassed the teacher!' Meredith understood how to use the 5 flavors, but in more creative ways than i EVER could! She made tacos, she made taco chips, taco chips and dips, she made mint chocolate chip icecream, she made what looked like butter cookies. She subsequently made the most mind blowing chocolate covered bananas and spirulina icecream and a chocolate cake that looked more like chocolate cake than chocolate cake does!

Professionally, Meredith was a cake baker of the most creative artistic inspired creations i have ever seen. Please check out her work on her old website TINY LITTLE OVEN CAKES which now resides at She no longer bakes cooked cakes but you will be inspired and delighted by her work. It is truly genius.

She is also a doll designer, among other things, and sells her handmade dolls on etsy at

So, Meredith took all of this amazing creativity...and just redirected it into the raw such amazing ways. She's now hosted two events and sells her raw food publicly. Please check out her website to get a glimpse of the amazing raw creations she makes.

(Her latest entries are totally inspiring as well on feeding her dog raw food and visiting an amazing temple outside of Boulder, and on juice feasting. Meredith is the one who inspired me to juice. Thanks, Meredith!!)

Meredith and Dustin now live in Boulder, CO. I truly miss their presence here. We were blessed to have them in Philly. Dustin is an amazing artist as well. Check out his work at

Meredith is now offering her raw selections at a cafe' in Boulder called TONIC. They are flipping for her taco and burgers and they are flying off of the shelves. I know one day we will be seeing prepackaged "the raw seed" burgers and tacos at WHOLE FOODS!!!! And i can't wait for that day!!!

Meredith and Dustin recently hosted Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes Monarch twice in Boulder so you'll get to hear about that below.

Here's an excerpt from a recent letter I received from Meredith. She continues to inspire and delight me everytime I hear from her.


"Hi Michelle!

Thank you SO much for your e-mail. I SO miss you ;0)

Exciting news.... Matt and Angela are coming back to Colorado in September to speak in Denver. I am catering the event! Well... I'm the official food vendor, I'm selling my food. The event is being held at a clubhouse and I will have a kitchen space that opens up to a bar in the common area. Dustin and I are going to work the kitchen and make TONS of yummy food. I'm so excited to have a "real" kitchen to work out of. I think you have worn off on me and my raw food creations... lately when I try other people's raw food, I'm like "it's good, but it'd be better with a little lemon and a pinch of salt." I told Dustin that you have worn off on me! My food has taken a whole new turn out here in just a few short months. There is so much interest in people wanting to eat healthier even if it isn't 100%.

I'm also hosting another event in September, me and a friend, who is a colon hydrotherapist, are going to talk about raw food and colon health. She will talk for part, then I'm going to do a food demonstration of green smoothies and something yummy, then I'm going to sell my food. My goal is to host one event each month and really build a "community" of individuals who want better health and energy. My goal isn't to turn everyone into 100% raw foodists... my first goal is to show everyone how easy it is to create healthy, raw meals that can be a great addition to their diet.

After their first talk here, Matt and Angela both said, "You and Dustin have amazing intentions and are doing great things, just look at the event you hosted, keep doing what you are doing." This gave me a lot of energy and momentum on top of what I already had.

Sorry I know I'm rambling... I'm in a bit of a rush but have a lot to say, haha.

Back to "Tonic"... I dropped off a ton of prepackaged food yesterday and LITERALLY while Dustin and I were unloading everything, 10 items sold within 5 minutes. One guy, who had a taco of mine the day before, had stopped in 3 times waiting for my delivery. Mark, the owner, said that we might have to turn it into a daily delivery because everything sells out so quickly.

When i first delived my food, i was afriad it was "too spicy", but i realized that I'm not changing my food or the spiciness because that's my creative expression and that's what makes my food... well, mine! Everyone LOVES the food and EVERYTHING IS SELLING! I am gaining more confidence in my intuition and myself, which is really good.

Currently, we both work on an organic farm with a farmer named Frank 2 or 3 days a week for about 4 hours each day. We weed, harvest, get ready for the farmer's market, plant things... its so fun. We've become really friendly with him and have been talking with him about letting us build a yurt on his land, we would live on his land in our yurt in exchange for labor. If that happens, which it seems it will, we will make that move in the spring time. I also work at a farmer's market for another organic farmer 2 days a week. This is a really fun gig because not only do I get payed... at the end of the market I can take any produce/veggies/fruits that I want for FREE. So, currently, almost all my ingredients are literally handpicked (by me) and are free due to the connections with the farmers. On top of these jobs, I'm hosting my event in September and catering the Matt and Angela event PLUS teaching a few raw classes on the side. It got really busy here in two short months!

I really miss you, and the food on the east coast... there's nothing here as far as "going out to eat." Except for my food at Tonic but it's not quite the same for me, haha. Tell Arnold and the crew that I said hello ;0)

Love Meredith xoxo

Please help me in congratulating Meredith for all of her success and thanking her for her positivity, charm, talent and inspiration!

xoxox michelle joy

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