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journal from thursday, oct 1, 2009

Mornin' Mornin' Mornin' Ya'll!!!

I'm so happy this morning!

I didn't take a poopie this morning, but i lost 1/4 of a lb.! I'm happy with that!

I juiced this morning again, yay!

BREAKFAST JUICE: 2 cucumbers, 2 giant green apples, 1/2 tub of organic spinach, 1 big thing of swiss chard. YUMMO!

That was my first real pure 'green' juice, diluted with some apple, that i've made. (I finally used up all of the celery left over from the Beckwith event, yay!) Being so green, i was really scared it was going to taste blechy. It was actually delightful, i quite enjoyed it and did NOT expect to! I brought up a glass to cliff in bed and he enjoyed it too!!!! I had 2 BIG glasses of it!

I think it is Day 6 today of the new juicing regimen (with lowfat salt free lunch and fruit dinner) and i'm finally over that detoxy feeling, and feeling instead rather blissful, happy and joyful!

OH GOD THIS IS WHAT I INTENDED THIS BLOG TO BE SPRUNG FROM!!!! And it feels so freakin' GOOD to feel GOOD!!!!!

In doing alot of effort (exercise, juicing, packing, regimenting, low fatting, no salting), I think i've pushed through to the next level. This euphoric feeling is what people talk about as a benefit of raw, of being more alkeline. You become a happier cheerier person! I really FEEL it!!!

I wonder why i didn't feel it before????


Victoria Boutenko really pushes the green smoothies. Come to think of it, i've been doing green smoothies for a LONG time...and never really felt this way from them, i don't think. But maybe because it was in combination with overeating and bingeing on loads of fatty gourmet raw. But, juicing? Juicing is way cool. And i resisted it for SOOOOO long!!!! Sometimes the thing we resist the most is what we really need. I suppose i was finally READY for it! Juice makes you feel real good. And feeling good feels good.

You know what??? LESS is MORE!!! By giving my body less calories by juicing, i'm doing BETTER.

It is SOOOO hard to do, though, juicing is. To get up the gumption. This morning i was like...'arrrrrgh, gotta juice...again."


1- have your juicer clean

2- have plenty of produce in the fridge, organic if possible. pre-wash or pre-prepped.

3- acknowledge it is hard to juice and you don't want to do it. this is crucial. once you recognize resistance, you can push through it. if you don't recognize it, you give into it.

4- take a deep breath, walk into the kitchen and cut up your produce. by then you forget you don't want to do it. it's JUST like exercise!!!

5- make your juice

6- freeze your pulp to make bread

7- clean the juicer. i know. it's LOTS of work, but worth it to do it now! when you go to juice again, it will be clean!

8- 'chew' your juice...swish around in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing to activate your enzymes for digestion

9- enjoy each swish sitting outside on the porch, listen to the birds tweet, feeling the warmth of the sun on your face.

10-feel surprisingly happy and energetic afterwards. go kiss your honey and tell him you love him!

I just took the most blissful walk out in the sunny crisp Autumn day. i can't tell you how these walks feel. I just mozy all over Manayunk. Go down streets i never have, take turns here, there, and eventually make my way home - I think i'm smiling the whole time i'm walking. It's a pure joy thing.

How does the drudgery of exercise become joy??? Do it enough so that the body is accustomed to moving and enjoys it. You push through to get to this blissful state. You push through it feeling awful day after day...until it feels good. And believe me, it will!! I know it, because i feel it!! And it takes a lot quicker to start feeling good than you think. After about 5 days, you're legs start to LOVE walking.

This happy mobile feeling is how i felt at the raw retreat in san diego. I just walked allllll over town, happy as a clam. I had no idea i was revving my metabolism so strongly or that i was burning calories....i was just ENJOYING being mobile. No wonder i could eat out at the raw restaurants several times a week with barely ANY negative consequences. i was out exercising so frequently my body was burning up the food!!!!

Guess what, 'San Diego' is in your own backyard!! Go out and enjoy the charm of your OWN neighborhood!!!

! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I had been really concerned about how work would go today with the food and the new plan. WELL, it worked like a CHARM!!!

I am TRULY in the midst of a very blessed time. You know what? I have a hypothesis. I think that if you overdo something, say, like salt, you sort of become addicted to it and your body craves it. If you overdo raw bread, the same, you start to crave it because you've overdone it so much that you set your body up to just desire huge amounts of it. WELL, when you take a break, juice and cleanse your body, all of a sudden, you CAN eat a raw burger and NOT feel compulsive and addicted.

I ate 2 slices of raw bread today....and because 10 million peices of it weren't in my didn't set up a craving. i am SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy. I had a relatively normal gourmet lunch today. And it stopped at that. What bliss, what joy!!!




The rest of the day i ate when i was hungry. I had some dates for dinner and they were astoundingly scrumptious because i was so hungry. About linner time i had a knock yer socks off maca mesquite cacao banana date thick smoothy i ate with a spoon. For lunch i had my arnolds way 2 slices of our carrot living flatbread, which has some celtic salt in it, topped with 2 dehydrated steak burgers which are salt free, topped with chopped raw veggies and a pumpkin seed garlic ginger cream (no salt) i made to top the burger. DELISH!!!!!! I also sprinkled some nutritional yeast on top. it was yum. This low salting is really helping me stay in control as well. Salt tends to make me obsessed - when i eat too much i can't stop eating it. This morning i had the juice and some cacao smoothie at home before walking and when i got to work i was starving and had some green smoothie and about brunch time a maca chip smoothie (bananas, dates, maca, vanilla and cacao nibs).

I did so great today. i'm so happy. I ate when i was hungry. I didn't binge. And i was very productive!

Now i'm back at home after work and i am absolutely unequivocally beat. I think i'm a little detoxy again tonight. Really feeling worn OUT. I hope it's not from the heavier lunch. I actually don't care if it is, i MUST eat this way in moderation if i am going to succeed at ending binge eating. My bod will just HAVE to get used to it. It does sound like a lot of food up top, but i ate when i was hungry and enjoyed it!!!!! Isn't that how we're supposed to eat? To end binge eating, it's best not to worry too much about amounts, anyway. Rome wasn't built in a day. The important thing is to get on a regiment.

I hope being tired is just from yesterdays concert and from this mornings good walk and from working my buns off at work today. I only sat for 10 mins today. It was a busy day.

I think i'll take some more Betaine. I take it after each nutty meal and sometimes later in the day as well. It aids digestion.

xxo michelle joy

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Cosmic said...

Wow! What a lovely, light and vibrant blog you've created here - you certainly do live up to your name, pure raw Joy and a delightful pleasure to read:)

Thank-you for sharing!