Saturday, October 31, 2009

Choco-Green for Happy Halloween!

Hiya Hallo-weenies,

This morning Cliffy wanted a chocolate shake, but i wanted greens in it, and he still has a little cold so i convinced him he NEEDED greens.

So we compromised and made a green smoothie with an entire big head of romaine in it that was....dark brown and tasted ONLY of chocolate...ooooh, it was DEELISH!

- 6 bananas
- 1 head romaine
- 1 Tbsp good vanilla extract
- agave, lots
(cacao is very bitter, so this tones it down -
i did about 5 circular drizzles from a big bottle of agave)

- cacao powder, several Tbsps
(enough to turn your shake medium to dark brown)
- 1 tray icecubes
- 2-3 cups water

Blend, blend, blend!!!...
This shake fills entire vitamix.
Taste and adjust cacao or agave!
Share with your honey, 2 big goblets each! Say, "Booo!" at each other..."Fooled ya!
It LOOKS chocolate, but it's a GREEN SMOOTHIE!

I'm really super nervous this morning. I sing for the Halloween party tonight. I have 7 songs I feel very comfortable singing and will bring a few others in case i need more. 6-8 songs were requested. 1-2 every hour of a 4-hour masquerade party.

I will be sure to take pictures!!!!!

My weight is good, 257.
God, this raw thing really works. Can you imagine almost 3 years ago i weighed 425 and now i'm for all intents and purposes a normal functioning person? I still have 100 lbs to lose, but feel confident that as soon as my emotional eating issues are cleared up, i will be sailing on my way into 240 land...and then into 'onederland' and all the way down!

I'm very nervous because my voice doesn't feel good at all this morning, but i have alllllll day to settle in and relax and can vocalize and warm up plenty, and really ease into a good vocal place. We don't need to be at the party until 7p.m.

So, i'm dressing in my white gown with red ribbons and i'll wear my pretty sparkly red shawl and my pretty red masquerade mask with feathers and gold beads and my pretty pearl necklace. Cliffy and i are going shopping this morning and I'm going to look for a pretty wig, maybe some kind of a headpeice decoration.

Cliffy is dressing as a Hell's Angel. We're going to look for a long black wig. It's a little late to shop for costume additions for the costumes we already have, but hopefully, we'll get lucky!

I did great with my food again at work! The power of having to fit into a gown is amazing. What a motivation. It really kept me on track incredibly. I had two really terrific days at work with almost zero compulsive snacking, yay!

I hope you are all well and will have a fun halloween!

I miss hearing from you all! Send me more comments, emails and send me pics of you in costume and i'll show them on the blog! Let me know how you celebrated your halloween raw-style!

xoxo michelle joy

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Yummy halloween recipe!