Friday, October 30, 2009

EYES are the DOORS to the soul!

Morning, Ladies,

I had such a nice day at work yesterday. Very calm! I loved it!

I did really well with my food, in terms of self-control.

I did, however, start off the day (at 3:30a.m.!!!) with a heavy meal - raw hot chocolate. It was really cozying and satisfying, but NOT the best way to start the day.

Why, you ask?

Well, it's best to keep the body in a cleansing mode until about noon. I can find out more why, but i know from experience, I feel the best when I do that, keep the body cleansing by eating light foods in the morning: fruits and greens.

Deviations from that every once in a while are fine, in my opinion. But too much clogging food prior to noon and we'll eventually start to feel it, which i did.

Plus, I think the day before i ALSO woke up and had raw hot chocolate and then salt-free low fat dehydrated eggplant, yum, all afternoon. Both dishes included moderate amounts of fat and no greens or fruit. Greens and fruit are the cleansing foods we should eat the most of most of the day, especially until noon.

So i did a no-no two days in a row by eating a fat based meal for breakfast (hot chocolate is cashew butter, cacao, agave, vanilla, water).

[HOWEVER, i DID eat when i was hungry, didn't overeat, and didn't even compulsively PICK yesterday. AWESOME.]

Nevertheless, my right eye has been twitching. Arnold, my boss of Arnolds Way Raw Vegetarian Cafe' and Education Center in Lansdale, PA, says anything to do with the eye.....has it's roots in a problem with.....the liver.

Hm. You know how in foot reflexology if a practictioner touches your big toe it corresponds to your head/brain? (i just looked that up on google to confirm!)? Well, Arnold, similarly, reads people's faces. There is this wonderful little book that he follows by Michio Kushi called, "Your Face Doesn't Lie."

Arnold can look at your face and see what part of your body is out of whack. He looks at your skin, your cheeks, your chin, your forehead. He automatically knows what is ailing you.

So, previously, when this has happened, i've asked him. "Liver," he responded. My eye twitching means that my liver is overloaded....with too much fat.

That WOULD correspond to what my diet had been previously for 2 days. Though it was low in volume and controlled and non-compulsive (yay), i didn't feed it green smoothies for breakfast first thing in the morning and most of my meals were moderately fatty. I did have green smoothie later in the day, but the damage was already done.

Today i plan on following more closely my body's needs and feeding it more greens and fruit. I've already had a nice big green smoothie for breakfast.

CURIOUSLY, my hour later...has stopped twitching.


Cliff eats regular cooked food. He loves to drink milk, so i started buying him organic milk and even occassionally raw milk when i could get it. Well, he guzzles the stuff. 3 or 4 gallons were in the fridge on one day, and just a few days later, they were all gone.

Suddenly, he developed a little hanging growth on his right eye. It was really freaking us both out. I spoke with Arnold and he said the same thing: "His liver is overburdened." I told Cliff. He said to stop buying the milk, he guzzles it if it's there. After one week of no milk, the little dingle was looking different. Cliff squoze it and puss came out and it fell off. Totally gross, but we're both relieved it's gone. No more milk for Cliffy. I buy him almond or rice milk. Or when i make nutmylks, he enjoys that. But, we should save them for LATER in the day and not for first thing.

My mother also has something wrong with her eyes. They keep going bloodshot, one bled the other day and there is a small growth on the lower lid. I told her what Arnold told me. She's resistent, but listening.

The doctor took a small biopsy of the growth and she will know in a week if it's cancerous. Cross your fingers for my mother. But, it's got to be that liver again.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We can't fool mother nature. Our bodies are trying to talk to us all of the time. We have to learn to listen and read it's signals.

Here are a few quick things i found on the internet regarding facial diagnosis:

Diagnose your own face...and let me know!!!

xoxo michelle joy

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