Tuesday, September 21, 2010


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You've heard me talk about Megan many times before! She's the wiz that cleaned my basement and house...we were at the Brad's Raw Chips party together...I've often affectionately referred to her as "Mega-bytes"...she is an amazing raw chef and all around fantastic organizing force. (The Vibrant Living Festival was one of Megan's babies!) Well, our dear little Megabytes is in HAWAII...on a WATER FAST!!! Please send out your healing, loving vibes to her on her fantastic new journey!

For many years, Megan had been suffering from Candida, and adrenal fatigue. Her Candida left after she found 80-10-10, but she's interested in ridding herself of the adrenal issue once and for all...thus has agreed to go to a fasting clinic. To read more about her story before she went raw, click here: http://meganelizabeth.com/about-me/

Oh, this is kind of cool - To watch a video of her and Dr. Nick on the 2nd day of her water fast, click here: http://meganelizabeth.com/

What's so amazing about Megan is how she handles her diet. For the majority of her days, she eats 811, that means very little fat, no salt and no nuts, mostly fruit and greens. Everytime I see Megan, she usually has a plate of cut up mango in her hand. Some days i think she will turn into a mango, but, nope, she just gets cuter and prettier and more adorable the more mangoes she eats! Or you'll see her munching on plain romaine. She and Joey are big into munching on romaine. Megan is also the queen of the tropical fruits. She introduced the Arnold's Way crowd to Sapote (i think that's what it was), which kind of tasted in it's raw ripened state like a baked sweet potato...she made the most amazing egg-scramble thing out of it. Megan knows all about tropical fruits you've never even heard of! Come to think of it, every time i see her at Arnold's, too, she's digging into some kind of box she's ordered online of some wierd and fantastic and yummy tropical fruit. None of us had ever tried jackfruit until Megs introduced us. It tastes like Juicy Fruit gum! It's awesome! So, our Megs is BIG into fruit, which makes up the majority of her diet. But, every once in a while, she and her b-friend, Joey, who is so awesome by the way, go out for a goumet raw meal...to NYC or somewhere locally, and, mmmmm, they just enjoy completely. They get their fill, and then go back on 811 the very next day! Or they'll go get a healthy vegan cooked meal, enjoy guilt-lessly, and again, get right back on track. They live well, love well, enjoy fruit most of the time, have such improved health, and have the best of ALL food worlds! Megan is my diet idol!

To read about her last meal before she went away to the fasting center, click here: http://meganelizabeth.com/2010/09/last-dinner-before-hawaii/-dinner-before-hawaii/

For those that might want to learn how to make delicious tasty recipes that are SIMPLE and healthy, Megan now has over 30 PUBLISHED raw vegan recipes that will show you colorful, delicious creative meal ideas that fit into the 811 program using no salt, no nuts and very little fat. I can attest to the fact that they are DELICIOUS! (Megan made all of the food for the Vibrant Living Festival, changed Arnold's menu at Arnold's Way, makes food everyone raves about at the potlucks, and is super dooper creative.) You will love her recipes. And you'll be supporting a pure-raw-joy friend! To purchase her new raw ebook, let Megan show you that it can be "EASY TO BE RAW" by clicking on her "books" link on her website right down here: http://meganelizabeth.com/books/

If you sign up and join her new website, you automatically get access to her video recipe of basil mint pesto. This is a favorite at Arnold's Way you are sure to love. Again, low fat, salt free, but yummo! http://www.meganelizabeth.com/

And here's a treat for the overstressed - For those of you that want to just relax for 10 minutes and enjoy beautiful picutres, here is an awesome slide show of images Megan shot on her water fast in Hawaii. How lovely! Do yourself a favor and do the slide show and just breath deeply and enjoy. http://www.flickr.com/photos/meganelizabethmcdonnell/show/with/4998958093/58093/

The fasting center that Megan is at: http://www.hawaiianfastingretreats.com/

More info on Dr. Nick: http://www.chooselifeministries.org/

To see more videos and pics of Megan, check out her facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/meganelizabethmcdonnell

xoxo michelle joy

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Thanks for posting Michelle, Megan does sound like incredibly-inspirational lady!