Monday, July 12, 2010


FOOD / ACTIVITY Sunday, July 10, 2010

  • Watermelon
  • 1 canister Green Smoothie (banana, spinach, peach, strawberries, agave)
  • 2 raw corn on cob, peaches and nectarines
  • Whole Foods: seitan, tofu and raw veggies; vegetable dumplings; small chocolate pudding
  • EXERCISE: Walk to Whole Foods

I've definitely been able to fall into a little pattern here. I had another 75% raw day, and feel good about it.

Mornings are tough, though, because i awake really feeling shitty. Since i'm doing Betaine and D.E., and eating much more raw, i must be in a little detox here.

I've been re-reading The Diet Alternative by Diane Hampton, which was recommended to me by one of my blog readers. It's a Christian book, and i'm Jewish, but let me tell you, this is THE BEST book i have EVER read on the binge eating and overeating experience and how to conquer it.

No wonder i could only ever get so far with my weight loss. I was STILL binge eating (on raw). I switched the types of food I ate (raw), but was still a 'glutton,' turning to food constantly, instead of turning to God.

Hampton really understands the dynamic of the binge eater, because she was herself one, many, many years ago - an uncontrollable one for so long, but she's been "FREE" of all food obsession now for 3o-some years. She doesn't eat diet food. She doesn't count calories. She doesn't deprive herself of all her favorite foods. She lost all her excess weight.

Sounds like heaven. So how did she STOP binge eating???

Hampton realized that eating over her emotions - sadness, anger, lonliness, boredom - was not only a 'sin' (in christian terminology), but it didn't work. (Hampton refers to the voices/feelings after the binge as "condemnation.") The powerful voices telling you that you are a fuck up and will never get free of this and might as well eat everything, and the depression and hopelessness, blah, blah...were actually the voice of Satan. Call me crazy, but I can see that.

Giving into binge eating becomes giving yourself OVER to Satan. I can totally understand that. Because that is EXACTLY how it feels. Completely OUT of your control. Doing and Eating things you don't even WANT to, feeling like the lowest human on the face of the earth. And then wanting to do it all over again!

There are many bible quotes in the book that make total sense. If it weren't for the antiquated language, you would say, 'man, that guy knows what he's talking about!' It's pure and simple wisdom.

After re-reading most of her book, I agree now, that binge eating is EXACTLY like being an alcoholic, or a gambler or a drug addict. The 'sin,' or 'disease', (how ever you want to look at it) can only truly be remedied by spiritual healing, just as so many in AA will attest to. Seeking God for AAers to stop drinking is the key.

To end binge eating, Hampton asserts a simple plan of self-denial. If we usually eat 3 meals a day, deny ourselves one as a 'gift' to God. If we usually eat 2 helpings of food, deny yourself one as a gift to God. If we usually binge in the car, don't eat in the car, as a gift to God.

Sewing these 'seeds' to God (gifts) will not only heal us, but create other positive changes and outcomes in our lives, ala, 'the Secret.'

We then have to learn to fill our time with other activities than eating, and TURN TO GOD when we feel powerful emotions.

In fact, we have to turn to God first thing every morning for spiritual food way before we ever eat. I can really get down with this. It really makes sense to me. I only ever DO well with food on the days that i have really 'purposed' to in a very deep soulful way.

Hampton talks about how 'dieting' and 'trying' to lose weight without the God connection will always fail. I've had many, many experiences with that lately. I try, 'whiteknuckling' it, and it just doesn't work.

But, if we turn to God, we can do day at a time.

Last night, i offered my bedtime snack as a gift to God. It wasn't easy, because i was hungry. But, i felt the hunger pangs, and soon, they left, and I fell asleep.

Ideally, Hampton says that eating 2 meals a day is the ideal way to eat well and lose weight. I see the wisdom in that. Eating so frequently, little tiny diet meals, when i was on Weight Watchers didn't work. I was always still obsessed with food.

For today, i'm going to say the little prayer that Hampton has in the book, asking God to direct my steps and telling him that i'll give up food today for 'righteousness,' to be closer to Him, and to be better and healthier. I'll give up my bedtime snack again, today, but keep up the rest of this routine. It seems to be getting me in a groove - fruit in the morning, green smoothie later, then raw simple whole food snacks (whatever i have at home to take to the hospital, lately it's been raw corn and summer fruit), a nice vegan or veggie meal for dinner and that's that.

In overcoming the spirit of gluttony by turning to God, i won't ever have to have a life of just 'managing' my weight or 'managing' my binge eating. I'll be free.

I know this won't come without significant warfare and battle on the spiritual realm, but that's the kind of fight that is necessary to become victorious.

xoxox michelle joy


Sari said...

So if you don´t believe in God, you will be fat/sinner forever...? I respect everyone´s beliefs, but that sounds just too jugdemental. Also it could trigger to eat more ´cos you reduce your eating quite much. And if you for some reason can´t give up one meal do you feel that you have failed even more and now to God?

Just my two cents.

everygal said...

I just come across your blog because I too have just read the Diet Alternative (bought an old copy on amazon). Although I am NOT a Christian I am a spiritual person and the book really strikes a chord with me! I have had a long history of bingeing and compulsive eating and that book (and Weigh Down) are the two that have come closest to describing my experience with that kind of uncontrollable eating. Ironically, they are both written by and for Christians. My faith in being able to overcome this is just a mustard seed but I am starting to pray everyday and begin all my mornings filling up on spiritual food before turning to physical food. GOod luck, blessings!

Ex said...

I've read the book a couple of time and I really enjoyed reading it and it made sense to me. I am a Christian but I think it can apply to anyone who gives it a try. If you don't follow it it does not make you a sinner or fat forever as deadset possibility. Christians are imperfect as anyone and we experience pain and fear like anyone else but we feel and believe God gives us the strength to overcome personal or worldly battles. Each to his own, it's all about free will, but it can't hurt to give it a try. I'm not overweight but I do think I eat a lot and like to give it a go from time to time. I think I'm more of a snacker and that's why it's tough to do but probably if I set my mind to it I can and eventually it becomes as easy as breathing. What I'd like to know is are there any similar such books for budgeting and binge shoppers. I'm trying on my own to apply the principals to my spending and savings and sowing the seed to God with money deposits or putting money away rather than spending it all at once, I have faith it'll work.

FrangipaniUH said...

Hi there. I've read this book and I've lived it for the past 16 weeks. It hasn't been easy. I'm a christian and I've tried almost diet under the success. I fell off the bandwagon for 3 weeks. Two weeks while holidaying with family and the following week returning home (missed the family!!). Since having my first child 15 years ago, I've always been between 114-119kgs... HEEEEEEEEAVY! Since starting this 'new way of eating', in 16 weeks I have lost 17kgs so IT WORKS!!!! The book not only helps you with your eating, it also helps you target other areas where you have weaknesses for only God can help you overcome them. To the author of this blog - YOU GO GIRL!! God bless.

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Bonita Flowers can you contact me to tell me where to get hold of your book please.

Contact Details 011 490 8799
083 313 0106


PO Box 7134
South Africa

'Pure Raw Joy'! HELLO TO ALL! said...

Hi Bonita, You can get THE DIET ALTERNATIVE by Diane Hampton on I'm sorry i can't reply to you personally by phone or mail, but you can email me at xoxo michelle joy

aussie mum said...

Hi, Im from Melbourne Australia and have just started reading the diet alternative. It makes complete sense and makes me feel less crazy to be honest. I thought I was the only one that struggled with food this way.
I have been trying to put what i have learnt into action for a few weeks but was struggling. Today I prayed, then had breakfast and havent eaten now for 4 hours. Nothing. I kind of feel stressed that I may get hungry. I am never hungry. But every time I think about food, I pray and ask GOD to take away that desire.
I even had a mouthful of grated cheese that i made for my daughter, and spat it out. Sounds small, but for me its a huge step in the right direction.
For other food addicts like me, we can do it. BE strong.

'Pure Raw Joy'! HELLO TO ALL! said...

Hi Aussie Mom, Thanks so much for your comment. That book is really really powerful. Sounds like you are having success already in not discounting the little successes! I'm proud of you! It is true. When we chose to lean on food, instead of lean on God, all we get in fat and more addicted. Let's email each other for support. I'm at Hugs to you, xoxo michelle joy

Anonymous said...

Stumbled on your blog after searching "diane hampton". I just started reading her book (11-29-11) and I finally, for the first time in the past 3 years of emotional eating/binging/gluttony/food addiction, feel I have some hope. I disagree with Sari. I feel by eating this way you have a spiritual help from God (whether people choose to believe/believe in God or not does not change the fact that he is the One, True God). I have come to find out that it's true that He is my strength. I think when/if people get to this point and have searched for God/His help they will be amazed at the answers/help He gives. Sounds crazy to unbelievers I'm sure, but it's so true and real. I have experienced it.

Anonymous said...

Just to clear up the sinner thing Sari mentioned, we are all sinners. We're born sinners and we sin. By accepting Christ's sacrifice on the cross for our sin we are forgiven of our sins. He paid the penalty we deserve by shedding His blood. A sacrifice had to be given-a blameless sacrifice. Yes, we will continue to sin until we reach heaven, but God now sees us with the righteousness/perfection/blamelessness of His Son, Jesus Christ. And with regard to sin, as we come to know Him better, we will be wanting to sin less. And when we confess our sins (agree with God that it's sin), the Bible says He's faithful to forgive us our sins. I like the book of Romans in the Bible...helps in understanding some of that.